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1919, May 7 – BIRTH OF EVA PERON

In an eleventh hour revelation Elisa Bonorino wrote to her daughter, “dad brought you from the hospital and said that we should put our names on your birth certificate, some time later he told me that you were his daughter and Evita’s”.…supposedly when actor Pedro Quatucci worked with aspiring actress Eva Duarte out of a brief affair a baby was born who today is Nilda Quartucci and who claims she is Evita’s daughter…many stories have sprung up around the mythical figure of Eva Peron…she was born the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy rancher but she grew up in poverty and shame…at the age of fifteen, without education, no money and no connections, she arrived in Buenos Aires to pursue her dream of being an actress…her first break came was a role in a popular soap opera on Radio El Mundo…by 1943 she was one of the highest paid actresses and live in the exclusive Recoleta…


On January 22, 1944 at a charity at event for the victims of the San Juan earth quake she met labor secretary Juan Peron; they married the following year; he was forty-eight, she was twenty-two years old…The following year he was elected president of Argentina…it was announced that all performers had to join an entertainment union of which Evita was President… Peronism was a populist movement and tango was populist and therefore an ideal political tool but her heavy hand created friend and foe….singer Juanita Laurrauri for example would be criticized for giving  up a promising career to devote herself to the Peronist cause…the legendary Enrique Santos Discepolo would die of a broken heart when he was ostracized by fellow musicians for his impassioned support of Peronism…when the great Libertad Lamarque found all doors to her closed she went to see Evita who had the power to decide who worked and who didn’t….Evita purportedly denied that she had any hand in her being ostrasized but nevertheless Libertad was forced to emigrate to Mexico…Evita died of cancer at the age of thirty-three but one thing is true, she worked tirelessly and selflessly on behalf of the poor and for this she will be immortal and in the eyes of many, a saint




Leader, Composer, Bandoneonist (Taurus) – Astor Piazzolla had a difficult time in Buenos Aires, he had grown up in New York and he was not entirely comfortable with the city of his roots; in fact he spoke both Spanish and English with a New York accent….his tango was different and it was rejected and criticized; one of the very few to accept, help and encourage Piazzolla was the legendary Osvaldo Fresedo…perhaps that was because Osvaldo Fresedo was himself different; unlike the others he came from a wealthy family, in fact when his father found out that he had secretly been studying the bandoneon instead of applying himself at business school, in a fit of rage, he threw him out of the house…but Osvaldo proved to be not only a great musician but also a good business manager…he had the longest career of any of the tango greats; he made over 1250 recordings over a sixty-three year-long career…his fame would spread around the globe; he recorded at NBC of New York and performed with Carlos Gardel at the mythical Paris Opera Theater.


He recorded with jazz legend Dizzie Gilespie the age of sixteen he put together his first group; a friend, Eduardo Arolas, invited him to play at the Montmarte Cafe and from there, at the invitation of Roberto Firpo, at the Royal Pigall…he later formed a trio with Juan Carlos Cobian the composer of the classic “Los Mareados”…he was developing his fame along side another young bandoneonist Pedro Maffia who was two years yonger…by the age of thirty his success was such that he kept five orchestras with his name going at the same time; the one at the Fenix Cinema was directed from the piano by a young Carlos Di Sarli…he starred on the first sound film “Tango” in 1933…as a composer he had many hits but perhaps his most beloved is Vida Mia which has never been out of the public’s ear ..others include El Once, Siempre Es Carnaval, Sollozos, Sueno Azul…his last performance in front of his orchestra, at the age of 87 was in 1984 on the program “Tango A Tango” on Radio Belgrano



Bandoneonist, Composer (Taurus) – Don Jose was extremely angry and adamant that his daughter Paquita would not besmirch the family name by playing the bandoneon; it was unheard of, no woman had ever before dared…but Paquita was determined and so pretending to go to study piano, she secretly studied the bandoneon; later she would study with the legendary Juan Maglio “Pacho”…she would eventually become an immensely popular and highly paid bandoneon player and an eternal icon for women’s rights…Paquita Bernardo was born in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo to a poor Spanish immigrant family; she was the middle child of seven children…already as a child Paquita demonstrated keen musical ability and it was a neighbor Catalina Torres who owned a musical school who mentored Paquita…inspired by the mythical Eloisa De Silva, she quickly mastered the intrument and began playing at local festivals, partys and fund-raising events and began garnering fame as “La Flor de Villa Crespo”


At the age of twenty-one she debuted with her own group “Orchestra Paquita” at the Dominguez Bar, where she was paid 600 pesos per months, a considerable sum for those days, whose musicians included a young boy from the neighborhood, Osvaldo Pugliese…it was here that she debuted her tango “Floreal” which was eventually recorded by Juan Carlos Cobian…at the mythical tango contest at the Teatro Gran Splendido organized by Max Glucksman she won third place with, “Sonando”…she debuted at the Smart Theater backing up singer Florindo Ferrario including among her musicians, Enrique Delfino…she personally left no recordings but her fifteen compositions have been recorded by many musicians including Roberto Firpo and Carlos Gardel ..she continued to live under the strict moral guidance of her father and although she had many suitors but she never had a boyfriend, “the bandoneon is my only true love” she was to say…fifteen days before her 25th birthday, she succumbed bronco pneumonia a complication which had set in from a common cold



Singer (Taurus) – Emperor Hirohito of Japan was considered a living God and ordinary people were not only forbidden to see him but not even allowed to say his name…it was indeed a rare privilege for Maria De La Fuente to be able to sing before him and in fact he would become a big tango fan…she had some a long way from the little girl, who huddled around the radio with her family, dreamt of being like Libertad Lamarque whom she heard on the radio; Maria in time, would sing tango all over the world….Maria De La Fuente was born in the town of General Roca to a Lebanese  immigrant family of ten children; five boys and five girls…it was a family which loved music and she remembered her mother singing songs in her native Arabic…just barely out of grade school she got her first break singing on a radio station in the city of Bahia Blanca, the birth place of the legendary Carlos Di Sarli...


Her older sister, who chaperoned her to the radio station, would eventually marry the presenter who would later move to Buenos Aires to work for Radio Belgrano; he would later help facilitate Maria’s participation on an important program on the station…At the age of seventeen, she was part of an all woman tango quartet which included Chola Bosch and which performed on Radio El Mundo’s  inaugural broadcast in 1935…Maria would sing with the orchestras of Julio De Caro, Francisco Rotondo and the Miguel Calo; in 1952 she recorded a celebrated LP with the Astor Piazzolla…she was with Juan Canaro on his mythical trip to Japan in 1954, the first visit in history for an Argentinean orchestra….the concert was a great success and the beginning of the opening of Japan to visiting tango musicians…at the age of eighty years old, having successfully undergone an operation to restore her vocal cords, she made her last recording; four years later she delighted audiences with a concert at the Casa De Cultura of Buenos Aires…at the age of ninety-two she sang in the documentary “12 Tangos – Adios Buenos Aires”.


1983, February 20 – “CHANY” DEAD AT 28

Luis Hernandez, an accomplished, self-made man, was stunned at his sense of powerlessness, his beloved Rossana was dying and he could do nothing about it…he had brought her to his country retreat away from everything where hopefully with his love and attention and prayer she might recover and yet inspite of it all, she was deteriorating…they were resigned to the inevitable but at least they could still get married, doctors assured them that there was time for that and so with great delight, they immersed themselves into the plans for that beautiful day ; but fate would deny them even this for on the evening on February 20, 1983 with him by her side, holding her hand, whispering of better things to come, she passed away…she was 28 years old…Rossana Ines Falasca “Chany” was born in Humbolt, Argentina on Aril 27, 1953 (Taurus) to Ado, a struggling  Italian immigrant tailor and Filomena Theler daughter of Swiss immigrants; she was the third of six children in a family full of music…


Her father was a singer and in the evenings he had his own little group which brought in a little extra money…already from a young age Rossana was different, sensitive, inquisitive, philosophical and in fact later she would be a student of Zen and a practitioner of yoga….when Rossana was ten years old, Ado noticed her singing spontaneously in perfect pitch and he was inspired to create a singing duo of  “Ado and Chany”…one day in a performance at the town of Rafaela, a producer from the show “Grandes Valores del Tango” heard Rossana sing and invited them to Buenos Aires…at her audition she sang one of the only two tangos she knew “Madreselva”; the response was electrifying and at the age of 16 she was offered a four-year contract…from there her career very quickly took off…in November of 1982 during a routine medical examination a malignant tumor was detected and she was immediately rushed to surgery; the prognosis however was not good…dealing with fear and pain, Rossana courageously continued her career completing tours of Latin America and the United States where she lived for a while…she was to star in three films…at her funeral one of  the legions of  her fans said, “I was only ten years old when I first heard you….you gave me the gift of so much tenderness and you shall always be in my heart”


  • CLICK HERE – to see “Chany” sing in her last performance “Soledad” where the lyrics say, “I refuse to hear that from, your sweet life, you have torn me out…my soul pleads hopelessly for the call that will never arrive”

2002, February 2 – Dutch Crown Prince Weds Argentinean

The beautiful princess, robed in an ivory-coloured, silk, Valentino gown with a five-metre lace train sitting next to handsome Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, could contain herself no longer and as the orchestra played “Adios Nonino” large tears began to roll down her eyes and she caressed the prince’s hand with her thumb…yes she was latin after all, she had said as much in an interview, “I am Latin and I will continue being Latin…I dance, I sing and I will keep on dancing and singing.” …for Maxima Zorreguietta, born May 17, 1971 in Buenos Aires (Taurus), this was a moment which surpassed even her wildest dreams…little did she realize who that blond young man was, whom she met in Sevilla Spain that day; all he said was that his name was “Alexander” and when he came to New York to visit her, she had to jar her memory a bit to remember who he was…later when he said he was a Prince, she laughed; she thought he was joking…among the dignitaries present at the wedding ceremony that day, were Prince Charles from the United Kingdom, the kings of Sweden, Norway and Belgium, the queen of Denmark, Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan,  and Queen Noor from Jordan…acclaimed violinist Vadim Repin played “Por Una Cabeza”


Conspicuously absent was the father of the bride Jorge Zorreguietta…he had served as a high level minster for the brutal dictatorship of General Jorge Videla; the same one who instigated the “dirty war” in which 10,000 to 30,000 men, women and children disappeared…when the news of the impending wedding came out it created a firestorm in the Dutch Parliment…an investigation was conducted which concluded that it was highly unlikely that a minster of that level did not know of the government’s campaign of atrocities…the issued was finally settled when the father elected to not attend the wedding…the streets outside were a mass of orange as 80,000 spectators waited in the winter sunshine for a glimpse of the couple who finally appeared in a gilded carriage, escorted by more than 200 royal grenadiers on foot and on horseback…Princess Maxima smiled generously and waved to everyone; in time her popularity would surpass even that of the Crown Prince….And does the Crown Prince dance tango ? “I keep trying to push him” say Princess Maxima, “His hips are a little rigid”.



For composer Lalo Echegoncelay, a struggling musician accustomed to zipping from gig to gig on his motorcycle trying to make ends meet, the fact that “Parece Un Cuento” was a smash hit, was a godsend…in fact it allowed him to devote himself exclusively to composing…he was born into a family of musicians in the neighborhood of Tres Cruces, Montevideo on May 31, 1911 (Gemini) and began as a child to study piano…at age 18 he began to play in orchestras around Montevideo…at age of 22, a piece that he had thrown together “Yo Soy Asi Pa El Amore” was sung by Tita Merello in the Argentina’s first sound movie “Tango”…he was known widely for his bigger than life smile and his kindness and generosity


Singer Julio Martel (born may 14, 1923 Taurus) had to have his mother sign his first contract for him for he was still  a minor…in a contest sponsored by Radio El Mundo seeking a vocalist for the Alfredo De Angelis Orchestra in 1943, Julio was declared the winner out of hundreds of contestants and it was only months later that he recorded “Parece Un Cuento” which became his first hit and launched his fame; he was 21 years 1946 he signed an exclusive contract with the legendary radio show “Glostora Tango Club”…he was to have a long and successful career with Alfredo De Angelis and when he separated from the orchestra in 1951, he would deliver a tearful and moving speech of gratitude  which those attending that night would recall years afterwards…in his neighborhood of Munro he was a hero and on his 80th birthday a parade was held in his honor during which people tossed flowers and shouted greeting and encouragements from their balconies


  • CLICK HERE – to hear “Parece Un Cuento” composed by Lalo Echegoncelay, recorded by the Alredo De Angelis Orchestra with vocals by Julio Martel...the lyrics are the narration of a man who says, “like the fable that my mother used to tell me as a child, the arrival of your love was a beautiful dream and your loss was an inconsolable tragedy”