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1933, October 5 – PREMIERE OF “ESPERAME”

Film – “Esperame” (wait for me) directed by French director Luis Gasnier, premiered on this date at the Cine Real in Buenos Aires…it was filmed at Paramount Studios in Jollyville France…the script for the film was written by Alfredo Le Pera and the music was composed by Carlos Gardel, Don Aspiazu, and Marcel Lattes …(Marcel Lattes, French pianist and composer, would eventually die in Auschwitz)


Rosario, played by Spanish dancer Goyita Herrero is in love with Carlos de Acuna, played by Carlos Gardel but her father has chosen someone else for her…Carlos de Acuna is a singer in a cafe in a town somewhere in Spain; Rosario is herself a singer and a dancer…After many vicissitudes,  a key witness reveals to the father the unscrupulous nature of the man he had chosen and Rosita and Carlos are blissfully united…in the final scene, Gardel and Goyita charm the audience by singing together the rumba “Por Tus Ojos Negros”



1917, September 28 – Premiere of “FLOR DE DURAZNO”

Film – based on Hugo Wast’s 3rd novel, this silent film, at the age of 27, was Carlos Gardel’s first film…he did not like it; he said “I am a singer not an actor”…in fact he leaves the set at Villa Dolores, Cordoba  in total disgust to return to Buenos Aires….the director himself, Francisco Defilipis Novoa, intercedes him at the train station and bargains with him to return…he did not look well on the film; he appeared highly overweight and in fact he did not receive good reviews….


In the film, Gardel plays “Fabian” whose girlfriend “Rina” is seduced and abandoned with child by a German while he is away in Buenos Aires…in time, Fabian forgives Rina and they marry but the untimely death of the child surfaces old wounds concluding eventually, in a tragic ending for all….the film was screened500 times and established Wast (a notorious anti-Semite)  as a major writer.



Film – premiered at the Capitol Cinema in Buenos Aires… filmed at Paramount studios in Joinville France it was directed by Chilean, Aldequi Millar and written by Manuel Romero and Luis Bayon Herrera…,…it was Carlos Gardel’s (born 11 December 1887, Sagittarius) first talking picture and the one that propelled him to global stardom…


When his car breaks down somewhere in the countryside of Argentina, a theatrical impresario seeks shelter in a nearby farmhouse…overhearing a girl,  Elvira, singing, the impresario convinces her to come to Buenos Aires to become a star… her boyfriend Anselmo played by Gardel is heartbroken…with a group of friends he goes to Buenos Aires; they find her at a party of questionable morality…disilussioned and hurt Anselmo repairs to a cafe where he sings the hit “Tomo y Oblio” (I drink and forget)…finally they resort to an ingenious stratagem to abduct Elvira and take herback to the countryside… there is a happy ending.


  • CLICK HERE to see a clip of the film where Gardel sings “Tomo y Oblio” …at the time Gardel was upset as, due to scheduling difficulties, he had to sing it without rehearsal….the song was written by Gardel with lyrics by Manuel Romero

1925, September 14 – first performance of “TANGO JALOUSIE”

First performed on 14th September 1925, a Monday, at the Palads Theatre in Copenhagen for the premiere, in Denmark, of the silent film Don Q, Son of Zorro, starring Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Astor… It is not only the best known tango in the world but it is estimated that every minute of the day someone somewhere in the world is playing “Tango Jalousie”; only the Beatles’ “Yesterday” could for a time match its popularity.


It has been included in over 100 films…Gade (born Nov. 29, 1879, Sagittarius) was inspired to write it when he read in the newspaper of a man murdering his wife out of jealousy. He was a self-taught country fiddler, who as a struggling musician would sometimes sleep in doorways.  The instant, worldwide popularity of Jalousie made him immensely  rich and he retired to the countryside to devote himself to composing.


  • CLICK HERE to hear a 1929 version recorded in Berlin with clips from 2 silent films Asphalt (1929) starring Betty Ammann and Gustav Fröhlich and “Our modern maidens” (1929) starring Joan Crawford.

1904, September 11 – CARLOS GARDEL IS DETAINED

Singer (birth 11 December 1890) Sagittarius – detained as a runaway, someone perhaps his mother Berta Gardes, identifies him the day after…to the police the young Gardel declares his age as 14, his birthplace as Toulouse France and his profession as “typographer”…in fact, he was a brilliant student in typography; a certificate from Colegio Pio IX issued on November 3, 1901 awards him first prize.


Gardel was always good in school…at Colegio San Estanislao records indicate that he was an outstanding student…at Colegio Pio IX he had received the honor “Digno de Albanza” for his academic excellence…the details of the runaway incident are not known but at age 16 he quits school to devote himself to singing and in time become the greatest tango legend in history


  • CLICK HERE – to hear him sing and dance in the film “Tango Bar” directed by John Reinhardt and  premiering  in 1935…it was to be Gardel’s last film as soon after he dies in a plane wreck in Medellin Colombia


Singer and actor – (Sagittarius) he made his television debut on channel 7 on the program “Luces De Buenos Aires”…he performed, to great acclaim, the bolero “La Noche de Mi Amor” with the backup of the Mariano Mores orchestra


Born November 30, 1938, in the neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aires to a very poor family, his first job was at the age of 12, was in a handbag factory…inspired by Carlos Gardel, he loved singing and his first gigs were in modest taverns…his break came when, through an acquaintance, he auditioned for Mariano Mores and was hired. His success from that moment has been never ending and he has appeared in films, theater and toured the world.


  • CLICK HERE to hear him sing the classic “Volver” written by Carlos Gardel in 1935 with Lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera