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1905, August 17 – birth of ADA FALCON

Singer…(Leo)….born in the center of Buenos Aires…rumored to have been the love child of an argentine nobleman…she begins to sing at age five as “La Joyita Argentina” (the little Argentinean jewel)….at age 13 she stars in her first film “El Festin de Los Caranchos”


She becomes immensely rich and famous…conceited, haughty, accused of acting like “an american diva”…suddenly at age of 37 she mysteriously gives up everything  and enters a monastery of tertiary nuns to live in poverty…she never said why but some think that it was because of her tragic love with Francisco Canaro


  • CLICK HERE to hear her sing Ilusion Marina”, c. 1930, written by Antonio Sureda (lyrics by Jeronimo Sureda)

1955, 4 August – birth of Mariana Avena

Singer… (Leo) in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires…descendant of a tango family…her grandfather was a bandoneon player with the orchestras of  Juan “Pacho” Maglio and Osvaldo Fresedo…her uncle Osvaldo Avena was a renown quitarist and composer


She begins her career at the age of 17…her big break came when she was invited to be the lead singer of a renown group in Brasil


  • Click here to see her sing the classic “Vuelvo al Sur” (Iam returning to the South) written by Astor Piazzola (Lyrics by Fernando “Pino” Solanas)

1944, 11 August – birth of NITO MORES

Singer…(Leo) born in the neighborhood Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires…son of the renown leader and composer Mariano Mores, who oddly, did not want his son to pursue a career as a tango singer…finally, seeing his son’s determination and talent, he acquiesces


His dreams of being a great composer and inspiring the younger generation into tango and even a planned tour of Japan were tragically cut short by cancer and he dies at the age of 40


  • Click here to see him sing “Porque la Quise Tanto” (why did I love her so much) written by his father Mariano Mores (lyrics by Rodolfo Taboada)

1906, 9 August – BIRTH OF LUCIO DEMARE

Pianist, (Leo) leader and composer  of beloved tangos premier among them “Malena” in 1942…he was born in the neighborhood of Mercado de Abasto in Buenos Aires…his father Domingo was a professional violinst…his brother Lucas was a bandoneon player and legendary film director…in 1926 at the age of twenty, he was summoned by Francisco Canaro to Paris to front an orchestra in his name…thereafter he teamed up with singers Agustin Irusta and Roberto Fugazot to form an acclaimed trio which performed at the Teatro Maravillas in Madrid


At the age of 5 Lucio was so focused on practising piano that his mother would have to threaten him to get him to come to the table for dinner…at the age of 8 he begins to play in the silent movie houses from 2 PM until midnight, “I loved it”, he was so say many years laterat the age of 19 he gets a gig in Paris where he meets Rodolfo Valentino and Carlos Gardel...until almost th last day of his life he continued composing tangos, many of which are still unpublished.


  • Click here to hear his orchestra play “Remolino” sung by Raul Beron with the Miguel Calò Orchestra…it was composed by Mario Canaro with lyrics by Francisco Jimenez.

1924, August 12 – birth of JORGE VIDAL

Singer…(Leo) Born in the neighborhood of Caballito, Buenos Aires…his father dies of a heart attack when he is 3 years old, the family is destitute…in desperation his mother throws herself in front of the limo of the president of the Republic… he orders that she be given her husband’s job at the post office.


Jorge sang in bars and then passed the hat around…he often slept in the very bars where he worked…one evening, after having slept on the billiard table of a bar, in the morning, to his shock, the great Osvaldo Pugliese awakens him to offer him a singer’s post in his orchestra and thus begins a great career


  • Click here to see him sing “Viejo Rincon” (music by Raul De Los Hoyos, text by Roberto Lino Cayol) from the film “El Tango En Paris” (1956, directed by Arturo Mom)