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1957, September 17 – debut of “LUCY DOES THE TANGO”

TV Episode – on this date aired this episode of the TV comedy “I Love Lucy”…discouraged by the returns of his  new chicken-raising business, Ricky declares that he’ll sell all his hens unless they starting laying more eggs…hoping to mollify Ricky, Lucy (born Aug. 6, 1911, Leo) and Ethel purchase five dozen eggs to plant them in the hen’s nests…


Unfortunately, Fred  unexpectedly shows up, and rather than admit her subterfuge, Lucy stuffs dozens of eggs in her clothes…It is at this point that Ricky arrives home, insisting that he and Lucy rehearse their tango routine for the upcoming  PTA show…the slapstick routine that follows elicited the loudest and longest sustained audience laughter of any episode in the history of I Love Lucy



1906, August 23 – BIRTH OF CESAR VEDANI

Poet (Leo) – son of Italian imigrants and part time journalist…his sudden and stunning success came when he penned the words to Adios Muchachos” (1927) whose world wide popularity continues unabated till this very day. The lyrics are the narration of a man in his last days recalling with sweetness and melancholy how God took from him his beloved girlfriend and his mother.


“Adios Muchachos” was very popular in the U.S. in the 50s as “I Get Ideas”. It was featured on the soundtrack of the movies “Scent of a Woman” (1992) and “Scoop” (Woody Allen 2006) and the “Full Monty” 1997. It was the title of a 1954 Argentinean film “Adios Muchachos”.


  • CLICK HERE to hear the American version “I get Ideas” sung by Louis Armstrong in Stuttgard Germany in 1959

1937 August 22 – birth of RAUL LAVIE

Singer (Leo)…born in Rosario…when he made the move to Buenos Aires as a very young man, he had already sung to great acclaim on Radio Belgrano and Radio El Mundo…his early break came when he was recruited to sing with the Hector Varela orchestra.


His voice and his charm gave him success even in the 60s which, with the ascendancy of rock, was a difficult period for tango singers…in addition he has had great success as an actor in musicals, theater and films… among these were acclaimed  tours with “The Man of La Mancha”, “Maria de Buenos Aires” and the tango show “Tango Argentino”…he has starred in over 17 films.


  • CLICK HERE to hear him sing “Barrio de Tango” written in 1942 by Anibal Troilo (lyrics by Homero Manzi)

1922, Aug 21 – birth of JUAN CARLOS GODOY

Singer (Leo) – born in the city of Campana in the outskirts of Buenos Aires…at the age of 14 the family moves to the neighborhood La Boca…he got hooked on tango when he heard Augustin Magaldi sing live…as a young boy he worked as a farm hand at harvest time and  in the evening they would get together and sing; thus he got hooked on singing.


Working in the Ministry of Public Works he would forfeit his weekly salary to gambling debts…he was about to give up singing to devote himself to a “serious” job to provide  for his family. One evening he was invited to dinner at a friend’s house and he sang for the guests…among the guests was a violinist who told him that Ricardo Tanturi’s orchestra was looking for a singer… at the audition he sang “Griseta” and he was hired. His career has taken him all over the world.


  • CLICK HERE – to hear hear him, at the age of 90, sing “Qien Tiene tu Amore” (who has your love now) music and lyrics by Leopoldo Diaz Velez c. 1958

1931, August 20 – birth of SIRO SAN ROMAN

Singer (Leo)…born in the city of Rosario where he begins to sing as a young man…he moves to Buenos Aires to seek fame…his break came in 1953 when he was recriuted to sing on Radio Belgrano…his first recording was on April 10, 1954 with “Oracion Rante”


Eventually, his career took him on extended tours of Europe and he lived in Spain for many years. He was the first Argentinean singer to record in Russia and a highlight came when he was invited to tour with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. He appeared in one film, “Patapufete” 1967 and he toured briefly in 2005 with the orchestra Color Tango.


  • CLICK HERE to hear him sing “Pasional” (Passionate) written by Jorge Caldara in 1951 (lyrics by Mario Soto)

1921, August 19 – birth of FULVIO SALAMANCA

Pianist, Leader, Composer  (Leo) – born in the village of Juan B. Molina in the province of Santa Fe…he began to study musical theory and piano at the age of 6…at the age of 12 he was a certified piano teacher…at the age of 14 he formed his first orchestra calling it Orchestra Mickey


 He spent 17 years with the Juan D’Arenzo orchestra; perhaps his best years…in 1957 he formed his own orchestra through which passed some great musical talent… he toured many countries but had great success in Japan… his passionate sense of justice sprouted strong political beliefs leaning toward communism for which he sacrificed much including frequent periods of incarceration.


  • Click here  to hear his orchestra sing “Los Despojos” (the remains) written in 1947  by José Dames (Lyrics by Horacio Sanguinetti) with the voice of  Julio Rodolfo

1908 August 18 – birth of ERNESTO FAMA

SingerLeo…in the neighborhood of San Cristobal…inspired by Carlos Gardel he dreams of being a singer…while still a boy, his break comes when the chief of police gets him an audition in the National Theater.


His career blooms in recordings with great orchestras, radio, theater, films and in Paris he meets his idol Carlos Gardel… but by the age of 35 he had done it all and he retires from singing.


  • CLICK HERE to see him sing “Yo no se Porque te Quiero” (I don’t know why I love you) with the Francisco Canaro orchestra (written by Francisco Pelay; Lyrics by Ivo Pelay)