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1964, November 25 – JULIO SOSA DIES IN CAR WRECK

Singer (born February 2, 1926, Aquarius) – his love of fast cars cost him his life, he was 38 years old and at the pinnacle of his career…awaiting him were plans for other films, tours of europe and south america; he was very much in love with a new girlfriend…in the 60s he was the only tango singer who could still command crowds; tango had by now passed from fashion and rock and rock was all the craze….he was born in Las Piedras, Uruguay to a dirt poor family; his father was a day laborer and his mother was a washer woman; Julio himself had to quit school while still very young and he worked at a large variety of menial jobs comforted by the tangos of Radio El Mundo, but in the evenings he would sing at local cafes for spare change; more than once the police would escort him out for he was underaged…the streets matured him quickly where the voice of Carlos Gardel inspired…his first marriage at 16 which all too soon ended….


His big break came one evening while he was singing at the Los Andes Cafe in Buenos Aires, lyricist Raul Hormaza happened to walk in and was impressed with the young, gaunt singer…an overwhelmed Julio found himself at the elegant Cafe Picadisi auditioning for Armando Pontier one of the most renown orchestras at the time…for Pontier he sang “Tengo Miedo” and that very evening he debuted in a borrowed, ill-fitting suit…but somegthing unexpected happened; people stopped what they were doing to actually listen to Julio sing whose gesticulating, emotional, stage presence was different and mesmerizing…in 1960 he published his book of poems, “Dos Oras Antes Del Alba (Two Hours Before the Dawn) whose stanzas revealed that beyond the strobe lights of success, somehow the pain of his childhood, like that of Tita Merello, had never really been erased from his soul



1903, November 3 – PREMIERE OF “EL CHOCLO”

When it premiered at the exclusive “El Americano” restaurant in Buenos Aires, the leader of the orchestra Jose Luis Roncallo disguised the tango by calling it “danza criolla” as the owner did not like tango music; they could hardly have imagined that one day it would become one of  the most instantly recognized melodies in history ..the word “choclo” literally means corncob but its significance in the tango was a minor controversy; it was once thought that it referred to a casual comment by Villoldo that the choclo, the corncob, was “the tastiest part of the stew” but “choclo” in street-wise  jargon also referred to a tough guy or a pimp


Its composer Angel Villodo, born on February 16, 1861 (Aquarius), was a poet and guitarist who worked at many odd jobs as an aspiring musician struggling to survive…the evocotive and nostalgic lyrics by which El Choclo is known were actually a rewrite by Enrique Santos Discepolo in 1947 …this version was premiered by Libertad Lamarque in the Mexican film “Gran Casino” directed by Luis Bunuel…an American plagiarized version was published by Lester Alien and Robert Hill who called their version “Kiss of Fire”…it was recorded to great acclaim by Louis Armstrong in 1955; a film by the same name was released in the same year


  • CLICK HERE – to hear Frankie Laine sing the American versione on his television show in 1954…Frankie Laine’s father, an immigrant from Monreale, Sicily was the barber of gangster Al Capone

1924, October 27 – PREMIERE OF “GRISETA”

“Griseta” is considered the first tango romanza, a genre different from the cayengue style which preceded it, with its lyrics of boastful expressions of tough guys; by contrast, the tango romanza is melodic in nature…in fact the words of “Griseta” speak of a sentimental, coquettish french prostitute girl, a gay dreamer whose final “sleep” is brought on by a prediliction for champagne and cocaine… was premiered by Raúl Laborde in the one-act farce “Hoy Transmite Ratti Cultura”, staged at the Teatro Sarmiento by the César Ratti’s Theater Company


The lyrics were written by Jose Gonzalez Castillo (born January 25, 1885, Aquarius) who was inspired by the singer and poet customers of the barber shop where he worked at, as a young man…Paris had always been the alure for portenos and Castillo was no exception; he was a lover of French literature and in fact his text borrows freely from “Scenes De la Vie de Boheme” written by Henri Murger which was the inspiration of Puccini’s “La Boheme” and “Manon Lescaut” by Antoine Prevost which Puccini also turned into an opera….Griseta meaning ‘grayish’ referred to the base cloth of the seamstress…in the early part of the 19th century the young bourgeois women who allowed themselves to be courted were called “grisettes”…however, as of the late 17th century, the term and the character Grisette has been a constant in the literature of diverse writers


  • CLICK HERE – to hear Julietta Ghibaudo sing Griseta, (composed by Enrique Delfino) 2007 in Cordoba, Argentina…it has been estimated that it has been recorded over 50 times by major orchestras and singers alone


VIDEO…Objection Tango was written and composed by Colombian pop star Shakira for her 2001 breakthrough English album “Laundry Service”…based on the Cumparsita, it is the first song written by Shakira purely in English…it reached #55 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and became a hit on MTV’s TRL peaking at #1 and staying on the countdown for 45 days…Shakira (born February 2, 1977, Aquarius) she is the only artist from South America to reach the number-one spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100


The music video opens with Shakira and her ex-lover doing a tango…when the tango stops, he leaves, the music picks up, and Shakira begins dancing…Shakira goes to a club where she finds her ex-lover and his new girlfriend, played by porn star Tabitha animated sequence begins in which Shakira pokes holes in the new girlfriend’s breast implants and knocks her ex-boyfriend through a window into another room…interestingly, the bandoneon, on the off-beat, turns into an accordion.