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1955, September 15 – BIRTH OF LUIS FILIPELLI

Singer, Lyricist (Virgo) – A protegé of Roberto Goyeneche, he was born in Buenos Aires to a cultured family; his mother was a piano teacher and his father was a lover of literature…at the age of 10 he joined the children’s choir at the Colon Theater…at the age of 16 he won a singing contest held on the television program “Grandes Valores Del Tango”


By the next year he was performing at all the major venues including the legendary “Cano 14” where he shared the stage with the legends of tango. In 1978 he received the distinction “Best Tango interpreter” at the Festival of Piriapolis in Uruguay…In 1979 he cut his first album…as a lyricist some of his best work is evident in “Tu Nombre Entre Mis Manos” (your name within my hands) withmusic by Alberto Di Paulo and “Un Episodio Mas” (one more episode) by Osvaldo Berlingieri


1936, September 10 – premiere of “RADIO BAR”

Film – written and directed by Manuel Romero, is a comedy set in a radio studio and a night club satirizing radio sponsors… the film was conceived as a vehicle for catapulting singer Alberto Vila  into Gardelian like, international success (who left show business at the height of a successful career to become a businessman)


Romero (born Sept 21, 1891 Virgo), son of impoverished Andalusian immigrants and  known for his bad temper and a serious gambling vice, produced around 53 tango films…he began as a teenage journalist and went on to become a highly successful tango lyricist and a playwriter producing around 180 plays…he wrote and shot very quickly to the dismay of his critics but his audience loved his films where they could finally see the people they heard on radio


1906, August 23 – BIRTH OF CESAR VEDANI

Poet (Leo) – son of Italian imigrants and part time journalist…his sudden and stunning success came when he penned the words to Adios Muchachos” (1927) whose world wide popularity continues unabated till this very day. The lyrics are the narration of a man in his last days recalling with sweetness and melancholy how God took from him his beloved girlfriend and his mother.


“Adios Muchachos” was very popular in the U.S. in the 50s as “I Get Ideas”. It was featured on the soundtrack of the movies “Scent of a Woman” (1992) and “Scoop” (Woody Allen 2006) and the “Full Monty” 1997. It was the title of a 1954 Argentinean film “Adios Muchachos”.


  • CLICK HERE to hear the American version “I get Ideas” sung by Louis Armstrong in Stuttgard Germany in 1959