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Reminiscent of the brave and chivalrous Mexican Emperor Maximillian, Oscar Iacobelli, with tears in his eyes, was to say of Jose Maria Contursi “he died like he had lived, like a gentleman”…he had written some of the most beloved tangos in history which in some form or fashion all emanated from the love of his life “Gricel”…he was already a famous, handsome and charming poet when through the legendary Nelly Omar, he met a beautiful and highly courted country girl named “Gricel”…a story book love developed between them…but eventually Jose decided to return to his wife and children in Buenos Aires…thirty two years later, after his wife had died and her husband, father of her one daughter, had left her, they got married and finessing technicalities, were even able to have a church wedding ….but the years of night life, tobacco and alcohol had already taken their toll on Jose Maria and four years later he would pass away in the arms of his friend Oscar Iocobelli


Jose Maria Contursi, born in the neighborhood of Lanus, was the son of Pascual Contursi the legendary lyricist who revolutionized tango; his “Lita”, set in a brothel,  was the first nostalgic and melancholy tango…”Lita” is based on Pascual’s real life experience in which a man falls in love with a beautiful young girl, his wife leaves him and eventually his fair-haired Lita also leaves him…Pascual would die mad in an insane asylum suffering from complications of syphilis at the age of forty four…like his father, Jose Maria, became a tango poet and like his father a lover of the nightlife; in the eyes of some critics, he surpassed his father…he went on to create many beloved tangos like “Bajo Un Cielo de Estrellas”, “En Esta Tarde Gris”, “Quiero Verte Una Vez Mas”, “Como Dos Extranos”, “Sombras Nada Mas”….Gricel was present in all of them…he was a film critic and co-writer of the film “Una Noche Triste” based on his father’s life…singers like Alberto Marino, Libertad Lamarque and Julio Sosa became lengends on his lyrics as well as great orchestras like those of Carlos Di Sarli and Osvaldo Fresedo