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1918, November 16 – BIRTH OF AIDA DENIS

Singer (Scorpio) – born in the neighborhood of Boedo, Buenos Aires, as a child of seven she was marveling  her parents with her escapes into singing with perfect diction mimicking singers on radio…her father was her first teacher; he began placing her into neighborhood festivals where she quickly gained a following …one day while listening to his favorite radio station Radio Belgrano, her father heard that the Puloil Soap Company was sponsoring a contest for girl singers and he decided the moment had come for a major test, to the delight of everyone, she won; she was 17 years …she was given an exclusive two-year contract with Radio Belgrano where she was accompanied by the acclaimed Jaime Vila guitar group…


It was during one of her performances that she met a young man  about whom she would say years later “I loved him from the moment I laid eyes on him”….they married  in 1941 and for eight years she quit show business to devote herself to her family..In 1950 she returned to Radio Belgrano and that led to a collaboration with the orchestra of Roberto Calo; with him she made her first recording “Lagrimas de Sangre” and the milonga “A Mis Manos”…she was sought after by night clubs and was a favorite at “La Armonia” and “El Olmo” and later at the legendary “Cano 14″…In the late 1970s she recorded a new release entitled: “Tres Estrellas Para el Tango” to critical review…toward the end of her career she was a frequent guest at “Grande Valores Del Tango” on TV Chanel 9 which immortalized her in the memories of her beloved tango world…she once said, “I have never stopped being that girl of seven who each night would sit close to the radio to follow my tangos”



The lyrics to “Con Alma De Tango” say, “I am the soul of tango full of anger and bitterness…I loved her with so much tenderness but she was not faithful and left…like yesterday, today I await her, needlessly…on this gray afternoon my soul is nonetheless full of hope…my wine cup is empty which the wine of memory now fills”…the author of those lines, Carlos Waiss, spoke from experience; he had his own great love that ended in bitter disappointment..a love that he never forgot and whose shadow was to be perennially  present in his writings…Waiss, born in Buenos Aires, was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants..early on he learned to love the night life especially drinking and gambling; he was fluent in Lunfardo…his writings reflected his own experiences and the drama of his friends and acquaintances in the clubs and bars where tango was nurtured…he was to say about himself, “Iam the tango”…


He was a big admirer of the poet Julian Centeya and a friend of Juan D’arienzo who asked him to write the lyrics to his composition “Con Alma De Tango”…it was recorded by the Alfredo De Angelis Orchestra with the voice of Carlos Dante on June 28, 1946…Carlos Dante was born to poor Italian immigrants in the neighborhood of Boedo in Buenos Aires…early on he left school to help support the family…he was working as an apprentice in a workshop with his destiny mapped out for him but he loved to sing…a friend of his father’s heard him sing one day and was impressed by young Carlo’s musical ability…he introduced him to a professional theater company through which he joined the Francisco Pracanico Orchestra…for ten years he was a daily presence on the legendary Glostora Tango Club with the Alfredo De Angelis Orchestra