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Composer, Pianist, Leader (Virgo) – born in the town of San Fernando, at a very young  age he began classical studies in piano, composition and harmony…later he traveled to Bologna Italy where, at the age of 20, he obtained a master’s degree in composition… he planned to remain in Europe where a promising career awaited him but the advent of the Great War forced him to return to Argentina.


He was performing with a classical group where by chance he got introduced to Jazz… the first orchestra he led was name River Jazz Band; in the 30s he transitioned to tango and a brilliant career was blossoming…..but suddenly something changed; in 1935 he began to withdraw from the world and devoted himself exclusively to teaching in his small town… for decades he was forgotten…there were rumors that a painful unresponded love  had turned him into a recluse…he died unmarried, alone, at the age of 54


  • CLICK HERE to hear the Carabelli orchestra play “Alma” written 1932 by Federico Scorticatti. The lyrics are by Juan Sarcioni and the voice is Alberto Gomez.

1921, September 7 – birth of JUAN JOSE PAZ

Composer, Pianist, Leader  (Virgo) – His exceptional talent as a pianist were recognized very early;  he made his debut at the age 16 on Radio Argentina…. it was with the legendary Francini-Pontier orchestra  between 1945 and 1954 that his gifts as a pianist and arranger  would see their greatest flowering. On November 10, 1952 he was invited by the record company Pampa to lead an orchestra to accompany the singer Alberto Podesta.


As a composer his best known works are “A mí no me hablen de tango”,  “No matarás”, “Los días pasarán” and the waltz “Cerraste los ojos”. …at age 49, he died of a heart attack when he was working in the summer season in the city of Mar del Plata.                                                                                                           ________________________                                                                            

1967, September 4 – birth of GUSTAVO HUNT

Composer, Pianist, Clarinet and Saxophone player  (Virgo) – He was born in Buenos Aires and from early on, he demonstrated rare musical talent…he pursued intensive musical studies at prestigious academys and quickly earned the respect of his peers for his vast knowledge in harmony and composition.  He eventually mastered a number of musical instruments. He has taught clarinet and saxophone at the Folk Music Conservatory of Avellaneda City.


Gustavo has been a member of several tango and jazz ensembles in Buenos Aires and also folk fusion ensembles like Convergencia and Ollantay. In 1992 he was recruited for the  Color Tango Orchestra with whom he has toured the world. It is for Color Tango that he composed “Piqueteros” which reflects, in particular, his jazz and fusion background.


1921, August 19 – birth of FULVIO SALAMANCA

Pianist, Leader, Composer  (Leo) – born in the village of Juan B. Molina in the province of Santa Fe…he began to study musical theory and piano at the age of 6…at the age of 12 he was a certified piano teacher…at the age of 14 he formed his first orchestra calling it Orchestra Mickey


 He spent 17 years with the Juan D’Arenzo orchestra; perhaps his best years…in 1957 he formed his own orchestra through which passed some great musical talent… he toured many countries but had great success in Japan… his passionate sense of justice sprouted strong political beliefs leaning toward communism for which he sacrificed much including frequent periods of incarceration.


  • Click here  to hear his orchestra sing “Los Despojos” (the remains) written in 1947  by José Dames (Lyrics by Horacio Sanguinetti) with the voice of  Julio Rodolfo

1969, 2 August – LAST PERFORMANCE !

Rodolfo Biagi…last performance of a truly great leader and composer,… at the Hurlingham Club, Buenos Aires…(he dies 41 days later)


Born into a family of dire poverty, he leaves school at a very young age…against the consent of his parents he begins to play piano in silent movie houses…one evening, in the theater happened to be  Juan Maglio “Pacho” who invited Rodolfo to join his orchestra…he was 15                                                                                                          ________________________________________

  • Click here to see him play one of  his great hits “Quiero Verte una Vez Mas” (I want to see you for the last time) written by Mario Canaro in 1938 (lyrics by Jose Maria Contursi)