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Composer, Leader, Guitarist (Libra) – at the age of 5 he began to take guitar lessons for which he quickly developed a great passion…his father died young and he had to quit to school to help support the family but he made the extra sacrifices necessary to continue his music studies…later would emerge a renown composer of some of the most beloved tangos in history…At the age of 19 he was offered his first gig when he was included in a group of  guitarists for a dance scene in the play “Juan Moriera”…it is in this period when he met Carlos Gardel which would develop into a life long collabroation and friendship..


In 1923 he made his first tour of europe making his debut at the Prince Theater in Madrid…he arrived in Paris where tango was all the rage and he was invited to play at the tango club owned by the Piazzaro brothers…from here he was invited on a tour of Romania, Greece, Turkey and Italy…In Italy he composed “Otono”…after 6 years abroad he returned to Argentina but soon after was called to Greece where he was inspired to compose and record the beautiful waltz “Noches de Atenas”…back in Buenos Aires, Gardel again requested his presence on a Latin American tour but he was now so busy that he made a rare refusal to his friend; it was precisely on that trip that Gardel and all of his musicians lost their lives.


  • CLICK HERE – to hear the Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra perform Pettorossi’s “Aquaforte” which was originally composed in Italy and initially banned there for its anarchist lyrics

1925, October 13 – BIRTH OF CARMEN GUZMAN

Singer, Composer, Guitarist – born in the city of Mendoza into a family of musicians, she began to study music at the age of 7…the outlines of a prodigy soon emerged and at the age of 8 she was placed on stage for her first concert in classical guitar…by the age of 14 she had graduated as a guitar teacher…in the 50s she received her first recognition as a composer for her tango “Y Ya No Estas” earning her, her first contract with a radio station


She married a brilliant musician Pedro Belisario Perez,  with whom she was an equal partner in his compositions…with Osvaldo Berlingieri, she recorded her critically acclaimed,  “Por Que Vas a Venire”…in 1985 she received first prize with “Siga Cantando No Mas” in a contest held to commemorate the death of Gardel; in 1993 she won another contest with her milonga “Guitarra Desolada”…she has composed for some of the legends of tango and has performed alongside the likes of Troilo, Goyeneche and Piazzolla…despite all her achievments, an unassuming and modest nature, has rendered her relatively unknown to the public at large.


1935, September 2 – birth of HORACIO MOLINA

Singer, Guitarist (Virgo) – Born in Buenos Aires, his major inspiration has been Carlos Gardel …he had already earned acclaim and notieriety primarily in the Bolero and Bosa Nova genre, when in 1975 he decided to devote himself exclusively to tango. In 1976 with the advent of the coup d’etat in Argentina, his life was threatened… his frienship with political activist and film producer Pino Solanas forced him to exil himself abroad; first to Madrid and then to Paris


His marriage to model and actress Chunchuna Villafanè produced two daughters one of whom, Juana Molina, in her own right, is garnering great acclaim in America as a avant garde folk singer. One critic described Horacio’s talent as “elegance, musical precision…an intimate voice devoid of shrillness”


  • CLICK HERE – to hear Horacio sing “Tu Palida Voz” (your pale voice) written by Charlo in 1943 with Lyrics by Homero Manzi