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1996, November 19 – JULIO RELEASES “TANGO”

“Tango” became Julio Iglesias’ number one set album on Billboard Top Latin Albums and that same year won  the World Musica Award…in 1998 it was awarded a nomination for a Grammy Best Latin Pop Album; his competition included his own son Enrique for his album “Vivir”…it is comprised of 12 of tango history’s top classics including “La Cumparsita”, “A Media Luz” and  “El Choclo”…one critic said of the album “Iglesias’ emotional commitment to these 12 songs is palpable, he involves himself so completely in every song that one is almost surprised he can walk away from one song to begin the next”…Julio has sold over 260 million records worldwide in 14 languages and released 77 albums; he is one of the top 10 best-selling music artists in history.


Julio (born September 23, 1943, Virgo), is the son of a Galician physician who had fought for General Franco during the Spanish Civil War and a jewish mother…Julio was a professional soccer player when a truck ran him off the road and his car flipped… after 14 hours of surgery he awoke completely paralyzed from the waist down…with iron will determination and the devotion of his father, Julio pursued rehabilitation and was eventually able to move again…to pass the time he would play guitar and thus, relatively late in life, discovered his love of singing…his career was launched in 1968 when he won the Benidorn International Song Festival with “La Vida Sigue Igual” …meanwhile his father, at the age of 86, married 37-year-old african american Ronna Keitt and the couple had two children; he passed away 8 days after the birth of his second child at the age of 90…Julio says of his singing, “My goal is to make people dream…I seduce them but I must seduce myself first.”



1910, November 11 – BIRTH OF RAUL KAPLUN

Composer, Leader, Violinist (Scorpio) – his older two siblings died of scarlet fever; he was the only one to survive…he was born Israel Kaplun in the neighborhood of Balvanera, Buenos Aires to an itinerant jewish hat salesman who had immigrated from Besarabia, (Moldavia) with his wife…some black neighbors who would help look after Israel, began calling him “Raul” which is what his name sounded like to them when “Israel” was prononced in yiddish…Raul immersed himself in violin lessons at at the jewish grammar school that he attended…when he was about to finish grammer school he noticed a job ad for a violinist…when he arrived at the audition there were 20 people vying for the position, all of them older; he was hired….he was inserted into an ensemble which played at silent movie theaters


Later while playing with a jazz group at the Astral Movie Theater, he crossed paths with Miguel Calo who upon hearing the boy play promptly asked him to join his group; thus was Raul born into the tango world… his broadcasting debut was with Radio Prieto in 1928 although later he would get blackballed in radio for his refusal to join the Peronist Party…one historian has suggested that it was for Kaplun’s virtuosity, that solo violin passages were first written into tango and that it is precisely this element that led to the boom of the 40s……his first composition was the waltz “Recordando a Musè” published in 1935…later with the orchestra of Lucio Demare he composed his first hits  “Una Emocion” and “Que Solo Estoy” which was a major hit for Raul Beron……in June of 1946 he put together his own orchestra  which at the Cabaret Montecarlo auditioned and hired a young 16-year-old named Roberto Goyeneche whom he would allow to sleep on the sofa and whom he accompanied to the tram stop as he had promised his mother he would do



Composer, Leader, Pianist – tragically he died very young, at the age  of 27, from a lung disease but in his brief life he composed some tango which have made his name eternal….born in Buenos Aires, already as a child a great career was whispered about, of this oddly precocious, intense student…not to be confused with the Roberto Goyeneche, “El Polaco”, who interestingly would record a great hit many years later with this Goyheneche’s tango “Pompas”


Still very young, he began playing piano for silent films at the Cabildo Theater and in the small cafes in the outskirts of Buenos Aires…he began to be invited to play with prestigious orchestras in important venues like the Cafe T.V.O., the Cafe Marconi and the Cafe Gambaudi….in 1922 he was invited to accompany  the Muino-Alippi Theater Company on a tour of Spain…upon his return from Europe he put together his first orchestra which debuted at the Las Heras y Pueyrredon Plaza to great acclaim…about this time the first symptoms of his disease appeared and against  which he fought valiantly but his deteriorating condition embittered him and he became difficult to work with…sadly he was to lose the fight and he succumbed finally in the city of Cordova


  • CLICK HERE – to hear Roberto Goyeneche sing his great hit “Pompas” written by his namesake Roberto Goyheneche (not the added letter “H” in the composer’s name)

1927, October 4 – BIRTH of VIRGINIA LUQUE

Singer (libra) – she was born in Buenos Aires at the Rivadavia Hospital, the same one where Azucena Maizani was born and who would be a model for Virginia…at the age of 12 her father entered her in a singing contest on Radio Belgrano and won….still a teenager, she became a regular on radio programs singing boleros and spanish songs…She entered the tango world in 1946 when Francisco Canaro had her sing his “Si Tu Mi Quisieras” in his play “La Cancion del los                                                        Barrios”…


At the age of 16 she stared in her first film “La Querra La Gano Yo”…the critics and the public responded favorably and other films were to follow in quick succession; by the age of 22 she had already starred in a total of 7 films…her first major role was  in the film “La Historia del Tango” with renown actor Fernando Lamas where inspite of being only 22, she played a mature woman to great acclaim; in her career shewould star in over 30 films…….She recorded three LPs in Spain and one in Israel, singing in Yiddish; she made recordings in Galician, French and Portuguese….She made over a hundred trips in her career and was especially beloved in Japan