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1936, September 10 – premiere of “RADIO BAR”

Film – written and directed by Manuel Romero, is a comedy set in a radio studio and a night club satirizing radio sponsors… the film was conceived as a vehicle for catapulting singer Alberto Vila  into Gardelian like, international success (who left show business at the height of a successful career to become a businessman)


Romero (born Sept 21, 1891 Virgo), son of impoverished Andalusian immigrants and  known for his bad temper and a serious gambling vice, produced around 53 tango films…he began as a teenage journalist and went on to become a highly successful tango lyricist and a playwriter producing around 180 plays…he wrote and shot very quickly to the dismay of his critics but his audience loved his films where they could finally see the people they heard on radio




Debuted on Radio El Mundo…in the 50s with the passing of the tango mod, it became increasingly difficult for classic orchestras to find work…Two legendary musicians Horacio Salgan and Ubaldo De Lio were surving as a duo at “El Jamaica”, a jazz club, when a chance suggestion united them with another duo of legendary musicians, Enrique Francini and Pedro Laurenz…


Thus was formed (with the later addition of Rafael Ferro) to great acclaim and success, The Quinteto Real whose jazz inlfuence can be seen in its innovative, bold rythms which have so captivated audiences worldwide.


  • CLICK HERE to see them play a Salgan composition “A Fuego Lento” (at a slow burn),  in the film “Tango” directed and directed by Carlos Saura, 1998


Singer and actor – (Sagittarius) he made his television debut on channel 7 on the program “Luces De Buenos Aires”…he performed, to great acclaim, the bolero “La Noche de Mi Amor” with the backup of the Mariano Mores orchestra


Born November 30, 1938, in the neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aires to a very poor family, his first job was at the age of 12, was in a handbag factory…inspired by Carlos Gardel, he loved singing and his first gigs were in modest taverns…his break came when, through an acquaintance, he auditioned for Mariano Mores and was hired. His success from that moment has been never ending and he has appeared in films, theater and toured the world.


  • CLICK HERE to hear him sing the classic “Volver” written by Carlos Gardel in 1935 with Lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera