Perhaps the single biggest reason for the creation of tango was the unification of Italy which radically upended society  leading to massive emigration of Italians to Argentina….Tango is overwhelmingly a creation of Italian immigranst in Argentina…furthermore, it is part of  a history of Italian musical traditions which from the time of the Renaissance were being exported to royal courts as far away as Russian…the unification of Italy broke down the land feudal system which had survived in the south of Italy since the middle ages…the well intended redistribution of land had the unintended effect of  creating smaller and less efficient plots of land…at the same time improved hygiene and access to healthcare led to longer life spans and a dramatic increase in population…the emigration was mostly southern and rural; the great Ignacio Corsini, for example, was born in Troina, Sicily…the only large city to experience emigration was Napoli…with unification, it had gone from being the capital of a grand kingdom to being just another big city leading to a loss of jobs and loss of investment and consequently high unemployment rates…


Adding to its woes were a series of cholera epidemics beginning in the 1880s which also encouraged emigration; in fact tango has strong Neapolitan musical roots…another effect of unification was that the state took over control of emigration by setting standards, licensing emigration agents, providing health care at ports of embarkation  and making agreements with receiving countries to protect the immigrants and to provide health care upon their arrival…in 1903 the government organized the ports of embarkation in Palermo, Naples and Genoa…Italian unification can be traced to the defeat of Napoleon (himself of Italian descent)…his installed monarchs tried to save their thrones by stoking nationalist sentiments which inadvertently inspired the move to the  unification of Italy…inspired by the French Revolution, a secret organization known as “Carbonari” developed to fight for Italian unification which with the leadership of the charismatic Giuseppe Garibaldi eventually prevailed…by one estimate, 80% of tango composers were of Italian descent; two of its greatest, Osvaldo Pugliese and Astor Piazzollawere of Italian jewish descent


CLICK HERE – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvFt615a14A&feature=related to hear the “Marcia Reale”, the official national anthem at the time of unification…it was composed by Giuseppe Gabetti in 1931 as the hymn of the Royal House of Savoy

  1. Where did you get the idea that Tango is from Italy, or anything to do with Italy?
    Tango was born in Brothels of Buenos Aries.
    Jewish Organised Crime gangs filled those Brothels with unfortunate Eastern European women. They lured them to Argentina with promises of respectable work, only to enslave them as prostitutes.

    Tango was merely a sex dance to entertain customers.
    Hence it is a mix of over sexualised dance moves, put to some awful yiddish music.

    The customers were immigrants working in the slaughterhouses nearby.
    The slaughterhouses were part of the new meat export business, brought about by the development of refrigerated ships. But it could never have been possible without the massacre of the native population for the grassland.

    Today Tango has some veneer of culture, but it remains an oversexualised sleazy dance, practiced by pretend prostitutes and pimps. (Hence the corny dress code).
    Of course, they are all cubicle slaves in real life.

    • Garry Ardel
    • October 24th, 2015

    boy you are an idiot.

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