Singer (Pisces) – “she gave up a promising and glorious career to work for a tyrant” , was the comment of one of her disappointed fans when she gave up singing to become part of the idolatrous legions of Peronism…carried away by her political passion she would dare to say,“Peron is the only sovereign”…critics agree that she had the voice and the personality to have become a major star…she was born in the neighborhood of Floresta in Buenos Aires and already as a little girl her love of singing became apparent in her penchant for humming as she was playing with her dolls…she began singing in the private festivals of neighborhood friends and relatives; it was whispered that she would become a great singer…her first break came at the age of twenty-one when she was featured on Radio Nacional (later Radio Belgrano) and the response from the public was enthusiastic; invitations from other radio stations quickly followed


In 1936 she recorded her first disc; on one side “Castigo” by Juan Polito and on the other side “Sueno Fue” by Luis Rubenstein…although she made some short tours abroad, her career was almost entirely on radio…during one of those radio gigs she fell in love with violinist and orchestra leader Francisco Rotundo whom she would marry in 1949…during one of Peron’s speeches she became infected with his politics and became a fervent worker in his movement; at a certain point she left singing to devote herself to the cause…along the way she became a trusted friend of Eva Peron who appointed her the national director for the women’s Peronist movement; in 1952 she was elected senator on the party ticket…she returned to the air waves briefly when she recorded the Peronist Party hymn “Evita Capitana”…in 1972 she attempted a come back with her album “Canto Para Mi pueblo”; her fans were pleased that the voice that had made her so beloved thirty years earlier was still there


CLICK HERE– http://www.todotango.com/
English/Las_Obras/Grabacion.aspx?id=1294 to hear Juanita Laurrari sing “Castigo” composed by Juan Polito with Lyrics by Luis Rubenstein

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