1924, January 19 – BIRTH OF JORGE DURAN

Singer (Capricorn) – Singing was so much in his soul that in his final days, laying on a hospital bed in the painful advanced stages of emphysema, the result of a life time of chain-smoking, he continued to serenade the nurses…he had lived a bohemian life, a lover of women and fine champagne; he was oddly content right up to the end…in one of those inexplicable mysterys of fate however, he would never attain the recognition commensurate with the precision and elegance of his voice; the same voice that delivered his great hit “Porteno Y Bailerin” backed by the Carlos Di Sarli orchestra…he would join Di Sarli twice in his career, the first one, in 1945, lasting two years, the best period of his career and the second in 1956 during which he made 19 recordings…indeed a young Jorge Duran had come to the attention of Maestro Di Sarli who had personally gone to hear him at a cafe; he hired him immediately…the very next day he debuted with Di Sarli on Radio El Mundo


Jorge was born in the town of San Juan to Andalusian immigrant parents who had a small fruit growing business and winery…during the periods of rest the family and the workers would engage in gay sing-alongs and it is there that  little Jorge discovered his love for singing…at age 18 he began singing in the cafes and tea rooms in Buenos Aires…one evening the bandoneonist Jorge Argentino happened to hear him and was immediately struck by  his voice and asked him to join his orchestra; he  debuted on Radio Mitre where the response from the public was enthusiastic…the next break came when Buenaventura Luna heard him and invited him to join his famous Tropilla de Huancho Pampa show…it is with them that he records his first record “Zamba del Gaucho” on March 13, 1944…for his entire career he was known as “El Cajon (the coffin)…standing at the end of a long corridor, wearing a grey, wide lapel suit against a back light, a fellow musician had remarked that he looked like a “cajon”…somehow the moniker stuck and would remain with him for the rest of his life …two other great hits of his which have remained in constant play to our very days were “Una Tarde y Nada Mas” and “Whiskey”


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