“Los Dopados” was a melody which was written by Juan Carlos Cobian for the play by the same name which premiered on July 4, 1922 at the Teatro Porteno…it was soon forgotten…20 years later, legendary poet Enrique Cadicamo penned new lyrics to the music and converted it into a major hit which to out very days remains a favorite of tangueros all over the world and has been recorded by many musicians…in particular, it was a great hit for Anibal Troilo and his orchestra with the voice of Francisco Fiorentino in 1942…much later it would become a major hit for Adriana Varela and one of the most requested by her legion of fans…the lyrics say, “my soul harbors three things, love, regret, pain…it’s strange how our great and passionate love is no more…tonight we will get inebriated together and after this we shall never see each other again….I found you beautiful and foreboding in the mist of much champagne, laughing so as not to cry”


It’s airplay did not last long…in 1943 the censor of the military dictatorship summoned Enrique Cadicamo to his office…the government, in a misguided campaign to modernize and change the image of Argentina, had imposed a ban on tango lyrics which made any mention of any form of  immorality or drunkedness…Enrique, cast a glance at the censor, calmly took a chair in front of the typewriter and began to rewrite the objectionable lyrics…he drew the paper out of the typewriter, rose from his chair and using an exaggerated tone of respect said, “is this better excellency?”….the censor, straightening his shoulders, with an air of  haughtiness said, “ah yes, much better Cadicamo”.…to the censor’s stunned eyes, Enrique reached out, grabbed the sheet from his hand, tore it up and said, “this is bull shit” and stomped out….six years later President Juan Peron, now in power and a supporter of tango culture, rescinded the ban and “Los Mareados“returned to its original form


  1. March 1st, 2012

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