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Composer, Leader, Violinist (Capricorn) – temperamental and immensely proud, he was not a particularly nice person…in fact he refused to acknowledge that singer Jorge Casal finally gave him the success he had dreamed of and Jorge left his orchestra with many bad memories…a lot of his success has to be credited to his wife Maria, herself a singer and musician, who attenuated his bad disposition and at crucial moments would take over the negotiations with band members…however his large, melodic, grand sweep sound makes his orchestra one of the most instantly recognizable; his orchestras arguably recorded the best purely instrumental tangos…indeed this was exactly what so fascinated his delirious Japanese fans; starting in 1966, he had two successful tours there and was in demand for more…his was one of the first orchestras to appear on television and in the 1960s he even had his own television show


He was born in the neighborhood of Liniers in Buenos Aires to a demanding father who had emigrated from Piemonte, Italy…as a young child Florindo demonstrated keen interest in music and his father procured violin lessons for him; he was to graduate as a certified violin teacher…he began playing in the neighborhood cafes and was finally hired by Antonio Polito for his Radio Belgrano orchestra…his big break came when he was invited by Roberto Firpo to join his renown orchestra but it was his stint with Osvaldo Fresedo that gave him his musical signature….in 1935 he put together his first orchestra which debuted January 1, 1936 on Radio Belgrano which opened doors to performances at the famous Cafe Nacional and the Marabu Cabaret… however the competition was immense and for all the buzz he remained a second tier orchestra; in 1940 he quit altogether to devote himself to business ventures…six years later he returned and it is when he hired Jorge Casal as a singer that his fortunes began to turn…He was not a prolific composer but some of his best work includes the milonga “Baldosa Floja“ and the tangos “El Ultimo Escalon” and “Rivera Sud”.