1915, December 15 – BIRTH OF JOSE CANET

Composer, Guitarist (Sagittarius) – as a teenager he shared with his friend Piero Hugo Fontana two passions, one was fishing and the other was music….frequently on their fishing outages, in moments when the fish weren’t biting and their typical boyhood chatter exhausted, Jose would take his ubiquitous guitar in hand, Piero would clear his throat and they would mimic their favorite radio tangos more than likely those of Carlos Gardel; their idol…Jose had fallen in love with the guitar at age 12 when he heard Ignacio Corsini sing on the radio, Piero Hugo Fontana would grow up to become the renown singer Hugo Del Carril…both boys would begin their professional careers in their teens…Jose Canet  grew up in the neighborhood of La Paternal, Buenos Aires…at the age of 18 he had his first professional gig when he was asked to join the group that backed up singer Santiago Devin…he was then recruited for the Radio Stentor staff to back up Fernando Diaz and Dorita Davis


One evening, after a radio performance he happened to meet singer Alberto Gomez; in time he would become a select member of his musicians and a 30 year career collaboration would ensue, including several  tours of Latin America…in Cuba their success was amazing where Jose’s craftsmanship on the guitar was especially admired…it is on one of those tours that he composed two of his most famous tangos “La Abandonè y No Sabia” in 1943 in Santigo Chile and “Tarde” in 1947 in Caracas Venezuela…with his Quinteto Garufa, which he formed in 1956, he created a new label, “Baitango” which were tangos especially suitable for dancing…he recorded several pieces with this label among them “LLego El Baiango” and “Baitango A Mar De Plata”…perhaps his greatest contribution of all occurred in 1972 when he persuaded Nelly Omar to come out of retirement; together with other musicians they went on to produce some of Nelly’s best and most  memorable work…with Nelly Omar, Jose’s talent and experience were finally coming to full bloom when one evening in 1981 he suffered a stroke and much disheartened, he had to leave the group; three years later he was to pass away.


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