1916, December 8 – BIRTH OF ERNESTO “TITI” ROSSI

Composer, Leader, Bandoneonista (Sagittarius) – in 1960 he reluctantly agreed to accompany singer Alberto Marino on a three-month tour of the United States; but in one evening’s performance in a  New York night club, the passion and the dexterity with which he played his bandoneon attracted the attention of a broadway musical director who invited him to join his orchestra…he ended up being the soloist in Metro’ and along the way remained in New York for eight years…Ernesto “Titti” Rossi was born in Guamini, a province of Buenos Aires to an Italian immigrant family of musicians…his father was a bandleader and his first teacher…by the age of 10 the precocious  Ernesto was proficient in violin and trumpet but his true love was the bandoneon to which he would devote his whole life….young Ernesto had always demonstrated courage and independence not always to the delight of his stern father and at the age of  12, along with his brother Carlos who was a singer, he made his move to the big city, to Buenos Aires to seek his fame and fortune…


He auditioned at the legendary Radio Belgrano where because of his age they at first refused to consider him but Ernesto’s determination and talent finally earned him a seat on the staff orchestra..in one of his engagements there, the orchestra leader Nicolas Vacarro happened to hear the young Ernesto and was immediately impressed and asked him to join his orchestra…the incredulous Ernesto found himself playing at the elegant “Dancing Novelty” night club…from here he was then recruited by Antonio Rodio for his renown performances at Radio El Mundo and Radio Splendido…the seminal event in his career however was to occur in 1956 when he became the arranger for the ascendant orchestra of Hector Varela with whom he would have a long association…he was a prolific composer and had a number of hits like “No Me Hablen De Ella“ (do not mention her to me) sung by Rodolfo Lessica with the Hector Varela orchestra…his milonga “Azucar Pimienta Y Sal” was an immediate hit and continues to be played today in milongas around the world…he finally left New York to return to his beloved to Buenos Aires where his final days were spent teaching and was much admired and respected by his students.


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