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1895, November 15 – BIRTH OF ENRIQUE DELFINO

Composer, Pianist (Scorpio) – he began to discover tango as a as a toddler watching shyly, half hidden behind the curtains  of the Politeama, a theater tea room in Buenos Aires, which his parents owned; the boy would grow up to be one of the key figures in the history of tango, composing some of its most beloved music….when his parents realized that he had musical inclination they sent him to a musical institute in Torino, Italyto study…it is there that he discovered his love of Puccini’s operas which would so influence him throughout his life…his materpiece “Grisetta” is very clearly a take on La Boheme for example…he had the reputation of being gentile and a gentleman


His “Milonguita”, is considered the first “tango cancion “; it became an instant hit when it was premiered by Maria Esther Podesta at the old Teatro Opera on May 12, 1920, on occasion of the one-act farce “Delikatessen” by Samuel Linnig….as a youth he exiled himself to Montevideo, away from his parents, to better indulge in bohemian night life; it is during this period that he started composing…with the nickname “Delfy”, he began to perform on stage as a humorist and fantasy piano player with such aplomb that he toured several European countries with his act…As an accompanist he worked with, among others, Sofia Bozan and Azucena Maizani…He composed over two hundred tangos, wrote music for the movies and for numerous theater plays;Carlos Gardel recorded 26 of his numbers….about his music he said, “My tangos are like me, kind of porteño, kind of romantic, kind of nostalgic”


  • CLICK HERE – to hear Enrique Delfino play his composition “A Quel Tapado De Armino” at his home in 1966 at the age of 71; he would pass away a few months after this impromptu performance