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This controversial, handwritten will states, “First I am French-born in Toulouse, on December 11, 1890 and I am son of Berthe Gardes”… there had been no previous public notice that Carlos Gardel had any relationship with France whatsoever…on the contrary, when asked about his nationality, Gardel would repeatedly answer that he was Uruguayan, born in Tacuarembó…when he had obtained his first official identity document (“Constancia de nacionalidad”) in Buenos Aires on October 8, 1920, he declared to have been born in Tacuarembó to “Carlos and María, deceased”..several other documents stated the same thing including the charred passport found in his inner suit pocket when his body was pulled  from the airplane wreckage in Medellin, Colombia…in the deliberations that followed, an original birth certificate of a child born in Toulouse to Berthe Gardès on December 11, 1890 surfaced…following extensive deliberations on the matter, on April 14, 1937, the government of Uruguay declared Doña Bertha Gardés the universal heir of her son Carlos Gardel


In all likely hood he had done this to protect himself from the French government who at the beginning of World War I was sending draft notices to its citizens all over the world…Interestingthis was also the date of Gardel’s departure from Buenos Aires never to return alive Europe he made brief stops in Barcelona and Paris before traveling to the United States, to make a debut on the most important radio network in the world, NBC of New York…around this time would emerge the idea of a tour through Latin America; the one during which his plane would crash on the runway during takeoff and end his life tragically at the age of 40…in 1967 a group of previously unknown “relatives” surfaced claiming that Gardel had in fact been one Carlos Escayola Oliva born in the rural estate of Carlos Escayola Medina, in the Uruguayan department of Tacuarembo.