2000, October 27 – PREMIERE OF “MALENA”

It was the film “Malena” that launched Monica Bellucci into the sultry, alluring, international sex star..she is a pheromone in the film effusing eroticism, sensuality, femininity and danger…one reviewer said that only Italy manages to produce women who are at the same time beautiful, sensual, intelligent and real…presumably, that somehow manage to not believe their own publicity; Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale come to mind…in one interview when Monica is asked about dealing with ageing when she is routinely described as one of movie history’s great beauties she said; “those are things that others say, not me, inside I am just a woman like all other women”…perhaps more than anything it was the scene in “Malena” in which Bellucci, alone in her house, in a suffused, surreal light, nude from the waist up, squeezes a lemon over her torso and rubs the lemon juice over her breasts that chiseled her image into the world’s libido…there is of course, a tango scene albeit a somewhat comic one…


She and her lawyer Centorbi dance a tango in Malena’s house after he has managed to acquit her in a trial where she is accused of adultry…he chases her into her bedroom in lieu for his extravagant fees which she cannot pay and forcibly has sex with  her…Malena later turns to prostitution to survive; Bellucci also plays the prostitute Mary Madalene in “The Passion of Christ” and the prostitute Sylvia in “Brotherhood of the Wolf”…in an interview she said, “perhaps all women have a secret wish to be a prostitute if only just once”…the legendary Tita Merello was one of the few women who admitted to having once worked as a prostitute to survive…”Malena” has been called a cross between “Nuovo Cine Paradiso” and Fellini’s “Amarcord”; the common theme is the adolescent whose nascent sexuality is inflamed by an older woman…both “Nuovo Cine Paradiso” and Malena were directed by Sicilian director Giuseppe Tornatore; who won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1989 …”Malena” was nominated for “Best Musical Score” which was composed by the renown Ennio Morricone


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