Besides being one of the first women tango singers, Azucena Maizani was an accomplished composer…among her most popular compositions was the milonga “Hasto Callao No Mas” which was recorded by a number of artists including Juan Carlos Godoy who recorded it on October 25, 1962…the inspiration for Azucena Maizani’s compositions came from the tragic tales in her own life…at the age of 26 she had finally found the love that her romantic heart pined for when she married Juan Scarpino and her joy multiplied when they had a baby…however, just three years later the baby died; the profound pain and recriminations destroyed their marriage and they divorced…ten years later she again found her ideal man and he became her manager…when a scandal erupted because of his financial misdealingings, he committed suicide and she became the subject of speculations and accusations in the media…the pain and shame drove her into seclusion for a number of years…Francisco Canaro would write in his memoirs of the evening at the Boite Pigalle Night Club when he was approached by a young girl would asked if she could sing a song with the orchestra..


During intermission he took the unusual step of letting her sing one song; not knowing her name she introduced her as “azabache”…it was the beginning of Maizani’s career which would include over 270 recordings with a number of orchestras and a number of films including Moglia Barth’s “Tango” in which she sang one of her masterpieces “La Cancion de Buenos Aires”…by the mid 40s her popularity had waned and when she died of a stroke in 1970 she was practically alone, poor and forgotten…Juan Carlos Godoy was born in the city of Campana in the outskirts of Buenos Aires…at the age of 14 the family moves to the neighborhood La Boca…he got hooked on tango when he heard Agustin Magaldi sing live…as a young boy he worked as a farm hand at harvest time and  in the evening they would get together and sing; thus he got hooked on singing….working in the Ministry of Public Works he would forfeit his weekly salary to gambling debts…he was about to give up singing to devote himself to a “serious” job to provide  for his family…one evening he was invited to dinner at a friend’s house and he sang for the guests…among the guests was a violinist who told him that RicardoTanturi’s orchestra was looking for a singer… at the audition he sang “Griseta” and he was hired. His career has taken him all over the world.


  1. October 31st, 2011

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