Francisco Canaro had the midas touch, everything he touched turned to gold; he was undboutedly the richest man in tango…there was however, one exception, the movie business…in 1934 he and Jaime Yankelvich, the legendary entrepreneur who founded Radio Belgrano created the production company Rio De La  Plata Films…inspite of the fact that it was thrown together and filmed in an old warehouse, “Idolos De La Radio”, their first film, was a great success; it was however the only film to make money…the film allowed people to see for the first time, the voices they knew and loved from the radio programs they heard…the plot was inspired by the fact that the radio station milieu is in fact an intimate one where human drama in all its variety unfolds…it was the same idea that Peruvian writer Maria Vargas Llosa used in his celebrated novel “Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter” which was published in 1977


In fact “Idolos De La Radio” was the first of its kind and featured the radio stars of the day including Ada Falcon, Ignacio Corsini, Tita Merello, Tito Lusiardo, Dorita Davis and Ernesto Fama…the film also feature the Don Dean and his “Students From Hollywood” orchestra who in that period had recorded the hit “Bailando En Alvear”…Don Dean was originally from Oklahoma and had arrived in Buenos Aires for a performance….he was scheduled to proceed to Brasil but a revolution there delayed his departure…it was in that period that he met the love of his life, married her and remained in Argentina for the rest of his life…the critics loved the dancing of Tito Lusiardo and in fact in launched his career…the film ends gloriously with Ada Falcon and Ignacio Corsini singing “Mentir En Amor Es Pecado” (to lie in love is a sin)…Falcon refused to record it outside of the film but it became instead a hit for Charlo a few months later


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