Besides being an extraordinary musician, Jose Razzano was a keen businessman and a crack negotiator and one particular evening at the end of dealings with the renown Club Armenonville, Carlos Gardel boyishly leaned forward to hear the results, “well what do we have” he asked, rubbing his hands together….”seventy pesos” answered Jose, “per month” asked Carlos, “no, per night” answered Jose…”well” said Carlos incredulously, “for that sum I’ll even wash the dishes”…they started out as singing partners garnering immense success locally and abroad; they toured Uruguay, Brasil, Chile and Spain in whose capital Madrid they sang to a packed audience…in 1925 tragedy struck for Jose when he developed serious throat problems and could not sing anymore…on October 16 of that year Carlos officially appointed Jose as his manager…


From that moment on Jose’s role was to oversee all financial matters, recording contracts, organize tours and theater appearances and even to select which tangos Carlos was to sing in public…it was part of Jose’s duties to pay all debts the majority of which were related to horse racing activities…while CarloS Gardel had many women in his life, apparently for show, (he may have been gay), his only true passion was horse racing …in fact he would bet by proxy sending telegrams to Buenos Aires from New York and Paris….only his beloved horse “Lunatico” ever earned any money…Carlos was a huge spendthrift and he asked few questions; in the meantime Jose dispersed the huge sums of money that Carlos earned…in time, this untenable situation would create a huge fight between the two…when the inevitable separation came, it generated many malicious rumors which disillusioned and embittered Jose…nevertheless the renown Charlo hired Jose as his manager


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