“I kissed her passionately the day of her departure and she promised to soon return…but somthing inside of me told me that she would never return….so much time has passed and I still wait for her although I know she will never return”…these are the lyrics of Jamas Retorneras (“You Will Never Return”) written by Osmar Maderna who also wrote the music…Maderna’s wife would personally know such despair; he died in a senseless airplane crash while she was preganat with their first child…Saturday afternoon had finally arrived, it was a day Osmar looked forward to all week, his flying day…he had two loves in his life, music and flying his Euroscope 415 CD, a passion he shared with his contemporary Osvaldo Fresedo…flying 200 meters in the air Osmar playfully oscillated the wings at an adjacent pilot as he had done many times before only this time his wing hit the wing of the adjacent plane causing it to lose lift, spiral and hit the ground in a fiery crash…Osmar Maderna, the “Chopin of Tango”, at the pinnacle of his career, was dead at the age of thirty-three years old


“Jamas Retorneras” turned out to be one of the most beloved tangos in history…Raul Beron is considered by many as the best tango voice in history and yet in the eyes of cognoscenti, Jose his older brother, had the talent surpass his legendary brother but preferred the bohemian night life …but it wasn’t only these two brothers but the whole family that seemed particularly gifted…their sister Elba for example, would record several hits with the Anibal Troilo Orchestra….they  were the children of Adolfo Manuel Beron, a guitarist and composer who encouraged his children to play and sing; theirs was a household visited by Adolfo’s musician and artist friends….their first taste of stardom occurred when Adolfo organized his five children into “Los Portenitos” which began singing in the cafes of their home town of Zarate…Raul Beron was only ten years old when he formed a duo with his brother Jose; they debuted at the Kity Dance Cabaret in Montevideo  to great acclaim; they were soon singing on the prestigious Radio Belgrano


  1. October 31st, 2011

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