The lyrics of Rosas De Otono are the painful wail of a man madly in love with a woman who rejects him…within his pitiful description of himself as a tortured soul who doesn’t sleep and who is tormented by his dream of being with his beloved, his entreaty includes poetry when he says, “you are constancy, I am paience…your are tenderness, I am piety”…for lyricist Jose Rial, he was describing a true story; his own…from the very instant he laid eyes on Gregoria Buzeta, the young daughter of his neighbor, he fell madly in love with her but Jose was a bit of an odd, simple, extremely shy postal clerk…for months he suffered miserably from his inability to declare his love until, during one of his countless sleepless nights, he got up and poured his soul into a poem which the next day, he silently presented to her…it was a magical potion and they eventually married in 1935…Rosas  De Otono, composed by the ill-fated Guillermo Barbieri, was first recorded by Carlos Gardel…


Barbieri first met Carlos Gardel at a party to celebrate a victory of his horse Lunatico which led to an invitation to join his back up group…on January 12, 1935 he boarded the ship “Panamerican” not realizing that it was to be his last; he would perish at the age of 41 with Gardel in the tragic airplane crash in Medellin, Colombia just a few months later…Nelly Omar (September 10, 1911 Virgo) was born in the city of Guami, west of Buenos Aires…her father, a ranch foreman, was a guitar player and friend of Carlos Gardel…very proud, she never asked for any favors, but she was finally helped in her career, she claimed without asking, by Evita…however, when Juan Peron was overthrown, she was blackballed and had to leave the country to find workshe recorded “Rosas De Otono” with the Francìsco Canaro Orchestra…one year later she had another great hit with the same orchestra, “Desde El Alma”


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