“God help you” say the lyrics of  “Compadron” to a local tough guy whose conceit and swagger are only foolish and amount to nothing...”you are uncouth and uneducated and all your conceit will not deter you from a lonely and destitute old age”…written by the legendary Enrique Cadicamo, this would be one of his masterpieces that to our very day is played in milongas the world over…Cadicamo, arguably the greatest tango lyicist of all time, based the lyrics on a real life character who frequented the Cafe Paulista in the neighborhood of “Flores”…his first tango “Pompas De Jabon” with music by Roberto Goyeneche was recorded by Carlos Gardel…interestingly, Cadicamo’s great hit “Madam Yvonne” was Gardel’s last tango recorded in Argentina before his tragic death in an airplane crash…Compadron was composed by pianist Luis Visca; this was to be the greatest hit of his career…it was originally premiered by Sofia Bozan at the Teatro Comedia in Rosario, Argentina…


Carlos Gardel happened to be in the audience and was amazed at the audience response whereupon he decided to record it himself…Cadicamo was such a good friend to Luis Visca that, once on a day preceding a trip to Spain, he asked Cadicamo if he should marry…Cadicamo quoted St. Paul who says of marriage, “the man who marrys must behave well”…on the day of the departure, to Cadicamo’s surprise, Luis showed up, proudly brandishing his passport and saying, “I am coming with you”….Luis Visca, sensitive, fragile afflicted with bouts of depression, locked himself in his cabin for the trip and hardly ate…his career would include playing with a number of orchestras including that of Juan D’arienzo and his appearance in a number of film include being the back up pianist for Alberto Gomez as he sings “Alma” in the classic Moglia Barth film “Tango” which premiered in 1933


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