Emily Dickinson had said it, “Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate”  and indeed Francisco Fiorentino,“Fiore” (Virgo), had been struggling for a number of years now…his career, from the glorious days of fame and fortune with the Anibal Troilo orchestra, had been in steady decline…but finally a breakthrough had come, Anibal Troilo, his old mentor, had invited him to record with his renown quartet, “it is the break I have been praying for” he confided to a friend..and so it was with renewed hope that he departed to the city of Mendoza where he would sing at a charity event..on the evening of the 10th of September 1955, Francisco Fiorentino sang before an enthusiastic crowd…it was the morning of 11 September when he and his musicians finally left the dance hall and someone suggested that some time could be saved by taking a short cut on the gravel road instead of following the main highway…30 minutes into the drive, after having crossed a bridge, the car suddenly skidded on the gravel and slid into the river which at this time of the year contained little water…in a tragic case of bad luck, the side on which Fiore was a passenger happened to land in a puddle of muddy water..Fiore was knocked unconscious and his torso remained under water and he drowned…he was 49 years old


Francisco Fiorentino was born in the neighborhood of San Telmo in Buenos Aires to a musical family which had emigrated from the ancient fishing village of Giovinazzo, in the state of Puglia in Southen Italy…as a child “Fiore” began studying the bandoneon and envisioned a career playing in an orchestra…he was barely more than a child when he began playing the bandoneon  alongside his brother Vicente, a violinist, in silent movie theaters…it was with the Francisco Canaro orchestra, that he discovered his talent for singing as well as playing the bandoneon and in fact he would be one of only a handful of musicians who would also sing as well as play…he would have this dual role, bandoneon player and singer in a number of orchestras including Juan Carlos Cobian, Pedro Maffia and Juan D’arienzo…it was however, during his six years with Anibal Troilo, that his fame as a singer would emerge…later he would create his own orchestra and hire a young Astor Piazzolla to arrange and lead the group


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