1977, September 22 – PREMIERE OF “SOLDIER OF ORANGE”

 “We were looking for a situation in which to bring the hero and the anti-hero of the film together and came up with the tango.” said director Paul Verhoeven …he had remembered Jack Lemmon and Joe E Brown dancing tango together in Billy Wilder’s 1959 film “Some Like It Hot”; there was the answer…“I grew up admiring that scene” recalls Verhoeven…his other inspiration was Bertolucci’s “Last Tango In Paris”…considered as one of the best European films in history, “Soldier of Orange” is about a group of friends in the Netherlands and how the onset of World War II leads them to different paths…two of those friends, Erik played Rutger Hauer and Alex played by Derek De Lint have widely divergent fates; Erik works for the resistance and Alex becomes an SS Officer…


Eric, as an undercover spy, runs into Alex at a Nazi dance party where they dance a tango together during which Alex says, “It’s a pity we are not fighting on the same side”, “yes, it’s a pity” answers Eric…The film is based on the memoir “Soldaat Van Oranje”, the personal World War II experiences of writer Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema who helped supervise the film…the film had a budget of 5 million dollars at the time the most expensive film in Dutch history…it went on to win numerous awards including a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Foreign Language Film”…in 2006 Rutger Hauer would write, direct and narrate the critically acclaimed, short film “Starfish Tango”


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