1914, September 21 – FIRST “BAILE DEL INTERNADO”

It was the custom during the “Baile Del Internado” (Interns Ball) to play grotesque pranks using dead body parts and sheets to simulate ghosts…every  year on the first day of Spring, an interns ball was held and it was customary that tango orchestras would debut new tangos at these events….on the eleventh ball, on September 21, 1924 Osvaldo Fresedo debuted “El Once” (the eleventh)…it was to become one of the most beloved tangos in history and to this day, there is probably not a milonga somewhere in the world that does not play “El Once”…interestingly, it was a piece that he hurriedly improvised at the last moment…however, during this ball, during the one of the pranks, one of the students accidently got killed and the authorities thereafter forbade the balls..


The first ball was held at the legendary Palais de Glace, the site of important tango events including, purportedly, the altercation where Carlos Gardel was shot in the lung…it was also the cite where a young Angel D’agostino debuted his first orchestra…the tangos premiered at those balls were generally tongue in cheek compositions…“El Matasano” (to kill a healthy person) was written by Francisco Canaro to celebrate the first such dance…others included  “Cura Segura” (sure cure) by Juan De Dios Filiberti, “El Serrucho” (the saw) by Luis Teisseire, “la Muela Careada” (the infected tooth) by Vicente Greco, “El Frenopatico” (the loony bin) by Osvaldo Pugliese, “Mano De Oro” (hand of gold) by Eduardo Pereyra, “El Cirujano” (the surgeon), “Anatomia” (anatomy) by Eduardo Arolas, “Aqui se Vacuna” (here we vaccinate)


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