1912, September 18 – BIRTH OF JORGE ORTIZ

Having lost the up and coming Raul Beron who would one day be called the greatest tango singer of all time, Miguel Calo summoned celebrated singer Jorge Ortiz with great hope…but for some reason it just did not work out; the chemistry was missing…perhaps it was Calo’s serious, introspective nature which did not mesh well with Jorge’s restlessness…and yet with Rodolfo Biagi it was completed different…in fact they would flower in each other’s presence…with Biagi he would record over 37 tangos including immortal hits like “Humillacion”, “Por Un Beso De Amore”, “Querio Verte Una Vez Mas”, “Misa De Once”, “Indiferencia…Jorge Ortiz was born in the neighborhood of San Cristobal in Buenos Aires to an Italian immigrant family…early on he demonstrated precocious musical ability whose development was encouraged by an uncle who was an amateur opera singer…


Jorge began taking singing lessons with celebrated voice teacher Eduardo Bonessi who one day entered a group of his students into a radio singing contest…to the delight of everyone Jorge was anointed as the winner…the legendary Azucena Maizani happened to hear him sing and facilitated a contract for him at the prestigious Radio Belgrano…his first serious job was with the Edgardo Donato orchestra with which he sang the theme song for the Luis Moglia Barth film “Picaflor”…the key moment in his career howeveer occurred in 1940 when Rodolfo Biagi recruited him…Jorge Ortiz would make several tour of South America and even briefly have his own orchestra…it is on one of these tours that he discovered his special love for Rio De Janeiro where he finally settled…his last appearance in Buenos Aires was in 1979 on the TV program “Ronda De Ases”…he passed away from a heart attack at the age of 77

  1. October 31st, 2011

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