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The tenderness which he poured on his grand daughter “Zoe” was part of the simplicity and generosity which helped make him a beloved singer all over the world…Nestor Fabian was a devoted family man, motivated perhaps by the longing as a child, for the family which he never had…a tragic accident had made him an orphan and he was brought up by “Dona Rosa” who, with love and devotion, helped heal his pain…however his adoptive family was poor and he had to leave to school to work in a bag factory…during rare moments of leisure he listened to his idol Carlos Gardel…he loved to sing and would imitate the singers on Radio Belgrano to which he was totally devoted…on free nights he would sing in local bars and cafes of his San Telmo neighborhood for donations….his big break came at the age of 23 when his friend Norberto Aroldi arranged an audition for him with Maestro Mariano Mores…


To his astonishment he was hired and found himself singing with an orchestra of 40 musicians; it was a dream come true…on August 30, 1961, he debuted on the popular program “Luces De Buenos Aires” on Channel 7 with “La Noche De Mi Amore”…the response was overwhelming and it launched his career….a career which included fabulously popular concerts in the Soviet Union in 1974 with the Attilo Stampone Orchestra and in 1988 a renown concert in Granada Spain…he starred in a number of films including “Buenas Noches Buenos Aires” where performed alongside Virginia Luque, Julio Sosa and Anibal Troilo….in “Los Muchachos De Antes No Usan Gomina” he first sang his hit “Tiempos Viejos”…he first met the popular singer Violeta Rivas in 1964 on the set of the TV drama “Todo Es Amor” …three years later their marriage became a major social event