Singer, Lyricist, Actor (Virgo) – frail and 84 years old, with a serene face and in his last breath, he said, “I have walked upon the roads of tango…I have lived it with body and soul…It is who I am”…his only regret was not being able to see for the last time his beloved city of Rosario, Argentina which laid 35oo miles away from Caracas where he spent his last years…he remembered his mother sewing and sighing; she had died young and he had had to quit school to help support the family…his father, a municipal laborer and part-time trainer of fighting cocks had always encouraged his musical talents…in time Agustin Irusta would come to know the delights of fame and fortune traveling the world singing tango; indeed, perhaps no other tango singer had success in as many countries as he did..acting in school plays, he had developed a passion for singing and acting; a mentor later on would advise him to devote himself to singing…his first forays among the public happened in his neighborhood bars and cafes where he sang for donations; one of his early breaks came when the fiery anarchist Lorenzo Lamarque, the father of Libertad Lamarque, asked him to join his theater company


Later on, at Radio Cultura, his singing was backed up by a temperamental young pianist, Carlos Di Sarli…at the age of 23 he made his first recording with another young singer, Roberto Fugazot…the turning point in his life, occurred when Francisco Canaro invited him to come to Paris to sing with his orchestra; Agustin never forgot the magical moment of laying eyes on a city which at the time was the center of the cultural and artistic world, “I could not belive that it was me…it was bigger than my imagination”, he was to write in his memoirs…there fate led him to inadvertently team up with Roberto Fugazot and Lucio Demare to create the legendary “Trio Argentino” which was to have great success for many years…besides having lived in Paris and Barcelona, he lived in Mexico for four years where he was beloved by the Mexican people…his talent eventually took him to New York for long remembered appearances at the Latin Theater…he starred in a number of movies including the beloved “Ya Tiene Comisario El Pueblo”, “Puerta Cerrada” and “La Guitarra De Gardel”…he was the lyricist of highly popular tangos including “Dandy”, “Tenemos Que Abrirnos”, and “Mananitas de Montemartre



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