Young Fernando Ayala dreamed of an influential career as a lawyer and pursued his studies with determination…one day, a friend of renown writer and director Luis Cesar Amadori, invited him to the set of a new film “La Mentirosa” starring renown actress Nini Marshal; it was to change his life…he would recall years later how much he laughed at  the last scene where Nini’s character says “may the pictures fall off the walls, if I tell another lie” and how all the pictures came crashing down…it was at that moment that he decided to devote his life to film making…he began working as a runner in the studio and later became the assistant to renown director Francisco Mujica…


His 10 years with Mujica including experience in Cuba and Mexico earned him a glowing reputation…his first film, a short, “Ayer Fue Primavera” (yesterday was spring) was a critical success…in 1956 along with Hector Olivera, he created Aries Studios…their first film “El Jefe” was a resounding success…in his career, he would direct over 40 films and produce another 20…in “El Canto Cuenta Su Historia” he featured  some of tangos great legends including Alberto Castillo, Roberto Goyeneche, Hugo Del Carril, Enrique Cadicamo and Julio De Caro…it was the first film for Amelia Baltar who was discovered by Astor Piazzolla and who besides becoming his lover would premier his masterpiece “Ballada Para Un Loco”


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