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Alfonso XIII was declared King of Spain at his birth in 1886…when he reached the age of 16 he took control of the state but during his honeymoon, he miraculously survived an assassination attempt in Paris when anarchist Mateu Morral launched a bomb at his car; Moral would later commit sucide as he was being captured…Alfonso’s rein had begun well; the French newspaper “Le Figaro” had described the young king as “the happiest and most beloved rulers on earth”…the night of August 26, 1929 was one of the happeist of his reign; a lover of tango, he sat in his Royal Palace of Madrid, the biggest in Europe, listening to the Manuel Buzon‘s Orchestra play “El Enterriano” and Manuel’s hit composition “Cancionero” in a much anticipated tango concert…but King Alfonso’s inept leadership including the appointment of the dictator Miguel Primo de Rivera, would lead to his exile just a few months after this concert and eventually the bloody Spanish Civil War


In 1924 at the age of 20 a young and struggling Manuel Buzon, a singer and piano player with big dreams, happened to notice from his house, the towers of a radio station which was being constructed…mustering up his courage he went to the station without an appointment and insisted on speaking to the manager; his bravado got him hired…that was the beginning of a storybook ascension culminating just five years later in a performance before the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII…early on Manuel demonstrated an unusual talent in music and started winning fans in the choir of his local church…At the age of eleven, along with a girl classmate, he debuted in a singing duet at the Excelsior Theater to his first standing ovation…some of his most beloved compositions includ “Calle Corazon”, “Melodia” and “Bigotito”…a contemorary of Buzon, Eduardo Bianco would dedicate his tango “Plegaria” to to King Alfonso XIII…”Plegaria” would be one of the tangos used to march concentration  camp inmates to their death and consequently become know as “the tango of death”