Oscar Aleman, composer of “Guitarra Que Llora”, was one of the greatest entertainers which Argentina has ever produced…his complex talents; guitarist, singer dancer, entertainer made him a bit Chuck Berry, Sammy Davis Jr. and even Eddie Cantor…although in his career he became a world renown jazz musician he made substantial contributions in tango….he was born to an African Argentine father and a Toba indian mother…the Tobas were a proud, fierce, hunter gatherer native group which inhabited  parts of what today in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay….Oscar’s father was a musician whose group consisted of himself and part of his seven children; Oscar was six years old when he began performing in public….while working in Brasil, Oscar’s father committed suicide sending the family into deep crisis….but Oscar was a musical prodigy and self-taught in the guitar; his career would take him to Europe where he remained fot 10 years working with the legendary Josephine Baker who was a singer, dancer and World War II spy…Oscar eventually learned to sing in six languages


Although more of a folk singer, Agustin Magaldi was immensely popular especially with the more humble country audiences…brought up in an italian immigrant family with a strong tradition in opera, he started his career as an opera singer…he was born in the city of Casilda in the province of Santa Fe…in 1923 he moved to Buenos Aires to begin a career as a folk and tango singer helped along the way by Rosita Quiroga…he was the “estribillista” singer in the recording studio for the Donato-Zerillo  and Osvaldo Fresedo Orchestras…for 10 years he and Pedro Noda formed a renown and highly popular duo but in 1935 Magaldi launched a solo career…his most successful song was a Russian ballad, “Nieve” which was highly requested on Radio Belgrano


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