Singing before Edward of Windsor, the Prince of Wales was the first time that Carlos Gardel would sing without the presence of his partner Jose Razzano who had come down with a sore throat…the duo were on a European tour which had begun two years earlier….the bohemian Princess Edward liked tango; this was but one of the disappointments of his father King George V; a few years earlier, George’s cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II had banned tango calling it “a child of the curbstone”…. along with Edward’s failure to settle down in life and disgusted by his many affairs with married women, King George was reluctant to see Edward inherit the Crown, …it was one of those married lovers Lady Thelma Furness who would introduce him to the twice divorced  Wallis Simpson… her domineering manner and abrasive irreverence toward his position ensnared him; in the words of his official biographer, he became “slavishly dependent” on her…


Eventually Edward ascended the throne becoming King Edward VIII for just a few months before abdicating to marry Wallis Simpson; he was to proclaim, “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility, and to discharge my duties as King as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love.”…many rumors were born about Wallis; that she understood the passions of men and what it took to seduce when seduction was needed..it was said that it was in the orient where she was alleged to have learned dark sexual arts in brothels; one of her lovers said making love to Wallis was like going to bed with a drunk sailor…both Princes Edward and Wallis Simpson were Nazi sympathizers and there was the famous high-profile meeting with Adolf Hitler…in fact the owner of the villa Chateau de Candè where they were married, Charles Bedaux, actively worked for the Nazi’s during world war II…he committed suicide in a Miami jail awaiting trial for treason…the story of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson inspired a popular tango in Poland, “When a King Has Fallen In Love” which was recorded in 1937


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