The creator of stage show “Romance De tango” Leonardo Suarez Paz, is the son of renown violinist Fernando Suarez Paz who was recruited by Astor Piazzolla and toured with him for over 10 years…Fernando began to study violin at the age of five and in time became a first violinist with the National Symphonic Orchestra of Argentina although his father originally hoped that Fernando would become a doctor…Fernando’s talent was such that although still a teenager, he was invited to play with the legends of tango including Miguel Calo, Anibal Troilo and Fulvio Salamanca…Fernando has received enthusiastic reviews from critics throughout the world including a seven star rating from the New York Times


Inspired and encouraged by his father, Leonardo earned accolades in his own right as a musican, dancer and choreographer…Fernando is an accomplished violinist, opera and tango singer and tango dancer which he refined under the tutelage of the legendary Juan Carlos Copes…with passion and devotion, he employed all of his talents to create the critically acclaimed “Romance De Tango” featuring the dancers from his Cuartetango Music and Dance Company…the show, which premiered on August 22, 2009 at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, features six dancers, a string quartet, a bandoneónist, a pianist, and two singers…with a daring repertoir, the production incorporates all expressions of the tango art: music, poetry, song, and dance…one reviewer said of the show, “amazing dancers who enliven the evening with fiery steps and the spirit of Buenos Aires”


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