The lyrics to “Oiga Garcon”, are certainly among the shortest in history; they simply say, “listen boy, don’t try to hide the bottle…don’t think that by drinking, you can forget the woman you love”…Charlo was only 23 years old when he recorded this tango with the Francisco Canaro Orchestra, the most popular orchestra at the time…he would record an astounding 500 pieces with Canaro…the music and lyrics are by Victorio Gago of whom little is known…Charlo, (born July 7, 1905, Cancer) after Carlos Gardel was the most important figure in tango history…he was certainly the equal of Carlos Gardel in every way and yet, in one of those odd twists of fate, he is relatively unknown……he was born in Avestruz a railway station outside of Buenos Aires; his father was a foreman in a crop harvesting company…as an adult he cut quite a figure; he was a dandy, elegant, sophisticated…


In fact he inspired a line of men’s clothing and accessories  called “Charlot”….it was during the filming  of Manuel Romero’s “Carnaval De Antano” that he would meet singer Sabina Olmos whom he would marry a few years later; she would tragically commit suicide at the end of a long career..his real name was Carlos Jose Perez, but he was an ardent admirer of Charlie Chaplin who inspired his stage name “Charlo”  which he used for the first on his debut on Radio Cultura in 1924…as a child he studied piano and later he entered law school but he stunned his family when he advised them that he would leave law school and devote himself to music…he began by singing and accompanying himself in humble cafes…with his compositions and his charm, he quickly ascended the ladder of success…in his career he did everything including having composed numerous hits like “Rodando Tu Esquina”, “Tormento” and the beautiful waltz “Tu Palida Voz”


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