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The storyline for “La Cumparsita” was probably taken from James Hilton’s classic novel “Random Harvest” which was published in 1941…it inspired an acclaimed, academy award nominated film by the same name with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman which premiered the following year…in la cumparsita “Ricardo” played by Hugo Del Carril is a journalist who writes an article about the nascent tango culture and incurs the wrath of the editor who considers tango immoral; he say “something that is immoral cannot be innocent”…he fires Ricardo but his daughter Luisa who is falling in love with Ricardo rescues him….Ricardo is sent to Paris to open a branch of the newspaper but once there, he is injured in a bombing at the beginning of World War II…Ricardo awkens in the hospital with amnesia and begins a new life becoming a famous singer in Europe with his new identity and a new love…


Ricardo returns to Buenos Aires to discover himself; a meeting with Luuisa jogs his memory and they become blissfully reunited…the new French girlfriend painfully accepts the loss of Ricardo and walks into the distance…”La Cumparsita”, designed as a vehicle to showcase singer, actor Hugo Del Carril, has Gerardo Mateos Rodrigues’ “Cumparsita” as a recurrent theme…other tangos featured in the film include “El Choclo” by Angel Villoldo and “El Enterriano” by the ill-fated African Argentine Rosendo Mendizabal…”La Cumparsita” was directed by  Antonio Momplet who was born in Cadiz, Spain…he fled the ravages of the Spanish Civil War and developed a successful career in Mexico and Argentina….Hugo Del Carril was to have a long career including having been a director and composer…in 1980, in the twilight of his career, an adoring public extracted from him an hour-long encore at a performance at the legendary Cano 14