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1905, August 18 – BIRTH OF PETER KREUDER

Renown composer Peter Kreuder was to write of Eva Peron in his memoirs in 1971, “she looked at me intensely and my heart was imprisoned…I felt trapped in her eyes…I knew that she gave herself to many men but she belonged to no man, not even Peron”….Kreuder’s orchestra had been invited to play at her reception at the Hotel Bar Au Lac in Berne Switzerland; just three days later might have occurred the secret meeting with Swiss bankers in which Evita deposited the bribes received from Nazi criminals for allowing them refuge in Agentina…Kreuder and Evita spent the night together; he continued “she was life itself…elemental like a flame…it was as natural for her to love as to breathe”…Kreuder would follow her to Buenos Aires where he was appointed director of the National Symphonic Orchestra a post previously selected through open competition


Peter Kreuder began taking piano lessons at the age of three and at the age of six he gave his first public performance; at age 13 he fell in love with jazz which got him into trouble with the Nazi regime…he was born in Aachen Germany to a father who was a chamber music singer…he  began to attain world fame in 1933 when he composed the music for the film “Mazurka” starring the mysterious Pola Negri…four years later he again risked incarceration when he went to Paris to record with Marlene Dietrich…in his prolific career he would composed the music for 188 films, 11 musicals, one opera, five operettas, six symphonic works…he gave 4318 concerts in 39 countries…the great love of his life was Eva Peron; he remained next to her in Argentina until her untimely death at the age of 33