1905, August 17 – BIRTH OF ADA FALCON

Singer (Leo)….how much emotional pain can a human being endure…for Ada Falcon the breaking point came at the age of 37…in handsome and charismatic politician Carlos Washington Lencinas, Ada thought that she had found the ultimate love and one day, at a political rally he was assassinated….she was later deeply in love with Francisco Canaro and he had promised to divorce his French wife…one day she walked into the studio and found Ada Falcon sitting on Canaro’s lap…in fury she took out a gun and tryed to kill her….in Jose Mojica, a handsome and rich Mexican opera star, she trusted her heart until one day, she walked into his dressing room and found him in the arms of another man…in 1942 at the age of 37, at the height of her fame, surrounded by opulence, she suddenly gave it all up to enter a convent of tertiary nuns to live in poverty


Ada Falcon, born in the center of Buenos Aires, was rumored to have been the love child of an Argentine nobleman who one day went to France and disappeared…early on she demonstrated a precocious musical talent and her overprotective mother began to assiduously groom her for the stage; she never attended normal school with other children…she began to sing at age five as “La Joyita Argentina” (the little Argentinean jewel); at age 13 she starred in her first film”El Festin de Los Caranchos” which made her a star..at the age of 20 she made her first recording as a soloist with the Osvaldo Fresedo Orchestra…in time she would become immensely rich, haughty and famous, accused of acting like “an american diva”…she was courted by the most eligible men of the time including an Indian Maharaja who tried to abduct her…she starred with Ignacio Corsini and Tita Merello in the celebrated film “Idolos De La Radio”…Ada Falcon survived until the age of 96 almost until the end in self imposed poverty in the monastery


  1. October 26th, 2011

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