In one episode of “Passions”, Vincent who is a hermaphrodite, becomes pregnant with his own father’s son….”Passions” was also the first day time series to show two lesbians and two homosexuals in bed making love…in season 1, episode 31, at a party, Luis, played by  Galen Gering and Sheridan, played by Mckenzie Westmore, who were together in a past life but hate each other in this life, suddenly dance a passionate tango; Sheridan says, “you know I am a pretty good tango dancer but I have to admit that he is even better although I’d never tell him, he is too conceited as it is”…Luis, is a half Irish, half Mexican police officer who bitterly blames Sheridan’s wealthy family for the disappearance of his father and his brother…Alistar, Sheridan’s dastardly father is against their relationship on trys on a number of occasions to assassinate Luis


“Passions”, created by writer James E. Riley, is a soap opera which aired on NBC from July 5, 1999 until September 7, 2007…it follows the romantic and paranormal adventures of its multi-racial residents of the town of Harmony in New England; the African-American “Russels”, Caucasians “Cranes” and “Bennets” and the half Irish, half Mexican “Lopez-Fitzgeralds”…it characters include Tabitha, a local witch…Sheridan is a close friend of Princess Diana…Sheridan has  a car accident in the same Paris tunnel that killed Princess Di…Sheridan’s life is ebbing when Princess Di appears as her guardian angel and encourages her to fight to live…James Riley was a soap opera writer who worked on Days Of Our Lives and The Guiding Light for which he won a day time Emmy award in 1993


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