His good looks and fashionable manner earned him the unusual job as a live window mannequin in a department store….at night he was a singer in  neigborhood cafes when Carlos Vivan landed the role of principal singer in the film “Un Bebe De Contrabando”…it was to be his first successful film; two others had been failures…son of poor Irish immigrants, he was fluent in English and this and a good voice and good looks, would catapult to him to fame, travel and  singing engagements in the United States…for a period of time he even had a successful stage act in Buenos Aires imitating Al Jolson…he was a heavy whiskey drinker and fond of women which made a disaster of his one marriage; later he had a love affair with singer Aida Denis…..he began as a singer for Juan Maglio “Pacho” and later for Osvaldo Fresedo and Edgardo Donato; in the mid 40s he toured the United States with Julio De Caro Orchestra…he was a composer of successful tangos including  “Hacelo Por La Vida” , “Como Se Pianta La Vida”


“Un Bebe De Contrabando” was directed by Eduardo Morera with Script by Florencio Chiarello and starring comedic actor Luis Sandrini… Morera was one of the pioneers of Argentine films…he had a relatively short career as a director making only 18 films including the acclaimed “Idolos De La Radio”  which was hugely successful and launched a much imitated genre of films….it featured the stars of the time including Ada Falcon and Tita Merello…this was one of only two films which Ada Falcon would make before deciding to withdraw from the world by entering a monastery for the rest of her life…”Idolos De La Radio” also launched the career of comic dancer Tito Luisardo who was one of Carlos Gardel’s true close friends…Morera also made “Viejo Smoking”  which starred Carlos Gardel


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