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1884, August 13 – BIRTH OF AGUSTIN BARDI

He was an absent minded misanthrope, difficult to get along with, prone to sudden outbursts of emotion, demanding of himself and others… a son of poor Italian immigrants, he grew up in a tough neighborhood and had only three years of school but in his head he heard music always; he became a violinista and pianist, self taught…he made his debut as a violinist in a trio including Genaro Esposito…sometime in 1912 he composed his first tango “Vicencito” which a friend had to transcribe as he did not yet write music…he began working in a department store and in time he even became its manager…in the evening he played in the local bars and cafe and even made it to the legendary Armenonville Cafe…he composed many tangos many of which he did not write down…inspired and encouraged by his father, his son would himself become a musician open his own conservatory…


His son would recall his spontaneous inspirations and  remembers him one day saying to him, “son, this morning while I was working in the garden, these bars were dancing in my head”…in June of 1918, while watching a snow fall, an extremely rare event in Buenos Aires, he composed one of his most enduring tangos “Que Noche” (there is a saying in Argentina, “it will snow again in Buenos Aires, before a replacement is found for Carlos Gardel“ )…at the age of 57, as he was rushing home to finish a melody that had been haunting him, he suddenly fell down…he was dead from a massive heart attack…on his desk was found an unfinished melody he had been working on which his son Carlos later called “Sus Ultimas Notas” (his last notes)…it was premiered by the Joachim Do Reyes Orchestra on Radio El Mundo…perhaps his greatest composition was “Gallo Ciego” one of Osvaldo Pugliese’s greatest hits