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The lyrics, written by Jose Maria Sune say,“tell me what happened….there is an anger between us…it is no longer the same..we are still together but our love is dying…what happened”…Roberto Ruffino began singing in the Cafe O’Rondeman, the same one that launched Carlos Gardel…his major break came in 1938 when an agent for Carlos Di Sarli, happened to hear Ruffino singing and liked what he heard; he recommended him to Di Sarli..his first recording with Di Sarli, “Corazon” which he recorded that same year was a hit as was “Alma Mia” which he recorded the year after…Roberto Ruffino was 18 years old and making sums of money he never dreamed of…In 1944 he launched a solo career debuting on Radio Belgrano…he had brief stints with the  Francini-Pontier, Miguel Calo and Anibal Troilo orchestras…Ruffiino was also an accomplished composer and lyricist of popular tangos like Sonemos which was recorded by Hugo Duval with the Rodolfo Biagi orchestra and “El Bazar de Los Jugetes” which was recorded by Alberto Podestà with the Miguel Calò orchestra.


Miguel Nijensohn, composer of “Decime Que Paso” was born into a jewish family from Latvia where his father Colman, a militant socialist was persecuted and eventually forced to emigrate…in Buenos Aires Colman opened a baker’s shop…in 1916 Colman was badly wounded by a gunman who may have been sent from St Petersburg to assasinate him….at the age of 16 Miguel formed his first tango group with a then 13 year old Anibal Troilo…Miguel was to have a dramatic life with his wife Raquel…the brothers of Miguel’s lover blackmailed him and he tried to leave; Raquel followed him and threatened suicide…they eventually separated and he went to live in Chicago….he and Raquel eventually reconciled and they moved to Mar De Plata, Argentina where one cold winter’s evening they died from breathing stove gas; it was never clear if it had in fact been a dyadic suicide pact