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Lead actor and singer Jorge Vidal grew up in a destitute family…his father died suddenly of a heart attack when he was three years old…his mother in desperation threw herself in front of the limousine of the President of the Republic and he in pity, granted her a pension based on her husband’s service at the post office….as a youth Jorge sang in bars and then passed the hat around…he often slept in the very bars where he worked…one evening, after having slept on the billiard table of a bar, in the morning, to his shock, the great Osvaldo Pugliese awakens him to offer him a singer’s post in his orchestra and thus begins a great career…premiering at the Suipacha cinema, “El Tango En Paris” was based on a play by Enrique Garcia Velloso which first premiered in 1913…the play had been restaged to great success in 1945 with a script by Ivo Pelay and music by Francisco Canaro…it is here that singer Alberto Arenas debuted with “Adios Pampa Mia” which became an international hit 


“El Tango En Paris” was directed by Arturo S. Mom who was a pioneer in Argentine film history…like Astor Piazzolla, he was born in Mar De Plata, Argentina…this was his last film in a long and successful career as a director, screen writer and producer…the film also starred Olinda Bozan, the cousin of the legendary tango singer Sofia Bozan…Olinda began acting as a child in the circus where her parents performed and as a teenager began working in theater…she married her theater mentor Pablo Podesta when she was 14 years old; he was 19 years older…the marriage ended after one month…in 1931 she had a small role in “Luces De Buenos Aires” which was Carlos Gardel’s first movie filmed in Paris…three years later she starred in the renown film “Idolos De La Radio”…after a long and successful career that took her to Europe and the United States, she passed away at the age of 82 under mysterious circumstances


  • CLICK HERE – to see a clip from the film “El Tango En Paris” in which Jorge Vidal sings “El Llloron” composed by Juan Maglio “Pacho” with lyrics by Enrique Cadicamo