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The lyrics say “boys the tango is starting and it compels us to come together…who, upon hearing this music, can resist dancing and thus bind your emotions in this tango…it makes us forget our pain and worry of life”.…this were unusual lyrics in that they were about dancing instead of pain and disilussionment…Enrique Campoa was born Enrique Troncone to struggling Italian immigrants in the outskirts of Montevideo, Uruguay…his parents noticed his musical talent on and encouraged him as far their humble means could permit…he began singing at a very young age in local bars and cafes while during the day time doing all sorts of odd jobs to help support the family…in his career he would sing with a number of orchestras and make several hit recordings; he starred in one film “Radio Candelario” which premiered at Radio City Cinema on August 21, 1939


As a child, lyricist Leopoldo Diaz Velez was specially sensitive and prone to fall in love; he endured unrequited love on many occasions and these would the inspiration for his numerous poems…he grew up surrounded by the musician and poet friends of his father’s…he would recall many years later that as a child of eight he would accompany his father to the Teatro Olimpico to see Carlos Gardel sing; it is then that he learned to love the tango world…he was 20 years old when he wrote his first tango “Hoy Quiero Vivir”…his first tango to be recorded was “1910” which was sung by Angel Vargas…his first big hit was “Muchachos Comienza La Ronda” when it was first sung with Alberto Castillo but recorded by Enrique Campos with the Ricardo Tanturi Orchestra…in his career he would write over 400 tangos and more than half would be recorded