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The word “Amurado” means “abandoned” in lunfardo…the lyrics say, “I find my bed is empty…I find only her small framed picture…all that remains are some of her clothes, and wilted flowers since she abandoned me…if she could see me now how old I have become…I am haunted by dark thoughts and I seek my illusive solace in bars”…“Amurado” was the most popular work of lyricist Jose de Grandis who haphazardly penned words to tangos that he liked…he was a violinist who worked with among others Roberto Goyeneche…there was much mystery in his life and he died young probably from abuse of alcohol and the night life…Pedro Laurenz, a bandoneon player, became a noted composer and orchestra leader…in 1925, he formed with Pedro Maffia the legendary bandoneon duo which recorded a number of classic tangos


Pedro Maffia, composer of Amurado, grew up in a destitute family with a brutal father who would beat him and force him to beg for money…he ran away to the house of the legendary “Negra Maria” likely brothel owner and mother of several musicians by different fathers and … his marginal living came from playing in cheap bars in the outskirts of town…one day while playing in the village of Punta Arena he was discovered by Carlos Gardel and Jose Razzano…Roberto Firpo, later asked him to join his orchestra…like Juan Maglio “Pacho”, he was one of the first to play the bandoneon “a capella”…he formed his first orchestra in 1926… “Amurado” continues to be highly popular with dancers and performers…Anibal Troilo would write a tango in his honor, “A Pedro Maffia…he starred in the mythical film“Tango” directed by Luis Moglia Barth and released in 1933